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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Dienstag, März 28, 2006


Today, I blog with a very heavy heart. I am filled with sadness as I learn that my best friend in Nairobi is no longer with us. What hurts the most is that I am finding this out 5 months after she passed away. She was a friend who was always true to me - giving it to me straight. I either had to take it or lump it. I loved her and I will definately miss her.

I always say that God works in mysterious ways.

It so happened that I was doing some document spring cleaning and I found letters that she wrote to me awhile back. On the envelope, I saw an address and I wrote back. This was on Friday when I posted the letter, only to receive an email from the boyfriend informing me of her passing. I am still in shock, but with time I will get over it.

I will never forget her and she is always in my heart.

Bel-jazz (her nickname) - REST IN PEACE GIRL. I WILL MISS YOU & I LOVE YOU!

Montag, März 27, 2006

T'was Mother's Day

At 9.00pm on Saturday, before all the time changing......I promptly sent a quick SMS to my mum wishing her a Happy Mothering Sunday (reaching her at midnight Kenya time).

I have never been close to my mum, but as time goes by I find it easier to talk to her than before. Hence making our relationship stronger. Afterall, she has always been there for me and am glad I get every opportunity to just tell her that. How much she means to me and to thank her for raising me well. Not so many people have the opportunity to do so.

Well, here is to you Mum! Thank you for your love and support!

Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Of Dreams....

Disclaimer: Person(s) mentioned in this posting (other than myself) are ficticious and may or may not be related to anyone I have come into contact with.

.....last night I had the hottest dream ever. Nice though (*wink wink*), but left me fuming!

Lately I have been a mami who likes chilling indoors (ok the cold has something to do with it), but on this occassion of my dream, I had a guest from chambele (abroad). This is a pal I have been in constant touch with but haven't seen in the flesh. We made arrangements to visit one another over the summer period and on this occassion my pal came to visit me first. So, on a particular day, it being a nice summer evening, we decided to lounge at home with a nice dinner and a movie afterwards. Let's just say, dessert wasn't on the menu, but it was definately served.

While watching the movie, I started nodding off and to make myself comfortable, my pal suggested I rest my head on his well toned thighs (ok, a pillow was between my head and his thighs). Anyway, I proceeded to do as I was told and after a few minutes of being awake, I started nodding off again. Suddenly, I felt a tingle in my sleep and I thought I was dreaming. As I roused from my cat-nap, I felt my 'pal' caressing my locks between his fingers. I immediately sat up in shock because I felt slightly embarassed for nodding of on my pal like I did and having felt a rush of warm blood going to certian areas of my anatomy that haven't enjoy such a sensation in months.

As seen in the movies (and I dont say this lightly), in slow motion we faced each other and slowly moved closer to each other for that kiss. DAMN! I think technically, I was having a 'wet dream', coz it felt so real. At first it was a slow sensual kiss to get to know each other, then after finding each others contours and started getting more and more passionate. OOOOHHHH, the caressing and moaning accompanied by the kiss, snog, frenchies................hhhmmmmm! was enough to make me EXPLODE!!!

It was at this moment as I shifted slightly to make myself comfortable in his arms, the cold sheets in my bed woke me up.......KCUF KCUF KCUF!!! DAMN WINTER! Why lie, I was close to tears to find myself in a cold double-bed............ALONE, and horny without an outlet! I went back to sleep convincing myself......that dreams do come true, if I believe hard enough! This is one of those moments you wish you had a bootiecall on speed-dial. Ohh, the powers of wishful thinking, huh?!

Sweet Dreams tonight and make sure you have a 'hotwater bottle' to keep your bed warm!

Dienstag, März 21, 2006

THE WEEK ROUNDUP! has been hectic and the cold weather ain't helping. Kwanza when I have been psychologically, emotionally and environmentally been programmed that Spring starts in March. Ni nini hii na baridi ya winter katikati ya Marchi? I am not impressed, to say the least.

Anywhoo, like I mentioned on the earlier post I was going to weka pics of my eventful weekend, lakini threats have been issued by peeps appearing in the pics so.....I will just weka the sights of London.

The weekend for the UK 'spring break' gig, it was aaiight. The following day, my pal from Germany came to visit. She had a guest with her, so I went down to London to see her. On Sunday, after church (yes, Mocha! went to church), my pal's travelling companion and myself went down to London for the afternoon. We passed by Spitafields Market (nearest tube: Liverpool Street) and then after that we went to Harrods.

After the weekend, the week that followed was hectic and by the weekend I just wanted to chill. So, I did just that and had a very lazy weekend.....removed my braids and started on my dreadlocks (Aco.....beat you to it! HAHAHAHAHA!!!)

So folks, here are my London pics:

Tube (London Underground) Escalator Advertising

Liverpool Street (close to the Station) - Trying to capture the 'Gherkin'

Harrods Department Store

Harrods Department Store - Knightsbridge Tube Station Entrance

Inside Harrods - The Egyptian Themed Escalators

Wax (like those found in Madame Tussauds) of Mr Al Fayed - Men's Section

Trying on shoes worth my rent!

The train leaving the station - Central Line

Freitag, März 17, 2006

St Patrick's Day

Today is St Patrick's Day here in the UK. In Ireland it is a public holiday, but for the rest of us the day continues as usual.

Make sure you enjoy your tipple of Guinness dorned with shamrock today and have a craic.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Mittwoch, März 15, 2006

MIMI Magazine

Mimi Magazine March Cover

**Cross posted to Kenya Unlimited.

Well well well!

Got an email of notification that March issue is out and I should check it out. This month's issue is focusing on something I enjoy exploring about.........MUSIC. Not your usual American sounds, but Africans (or of African decent) making it internationally.

My gal Chery Ice is on the cover of this month's issue. Actually, her husband - Dj Edu - is someone I admire, respect and look up to in my persuit of becoming a Dj. I have seen Chery Ice dj and boy can she spin 'em decks. Makin' me more determined to continue with my goal of at least djing on my own headlining gig, before I start dropping 'em kids. As a rapper, she has got the flow and I would like to see and hear more from her.

Also featured on this month's music issue of Mimi Magazine is my main man, K'Naan - The Dusty Foot Philosopher. Featured on my blog last year among other artists, here and here, he is doing great things that most of us don't get to hear about. I just hope the more exposure our artists get the more they are recognised.

Also featured are UK artists Estelle and Lemar (the hottest eyes in the UK), from SA(South Africa) the beautiful Zamajobe, who was nominated along side Kleptomaniacs, Kaysha and 2Face Idibia, in 2005 EMAs (Europe Music Awards - MTV Europe). A blast from the past is also featured.........Mr Lou Bega himself.

Ok......I could go on and on about these artists and more, but I think the writers of Mimi magazine have done a good job. Check out the articles and lets us all keep it local (yaani - AFRICAN).

Montag, März 13, 2006


LOL.....despite the wintery weekend (and it should be spring), my weekend was off the hook! After only getting 5hrs of sleep since Friday.

A little taster of it can be read here. More to come soon. Let me finish emailling the pics to my peeps! (OK....i will weka a few here, but they will kidogo altered for 'legal' reasons)

Later y'all!

WOW! My First Plug!

LOL........make way for this blushing mami! I got my first plug on the and I didn't even write any of it. THANKS AFROMUSING........DANKE, DANKE, DANKE!

"If you like Kenyan music, Mocha has some links to music news and websites."
Taken from Afromusings posting on Kenya Unlimited.

Freitag, März 10, 2006


Lol, this buddy icon is just hilarious...had to weka it hapa!

LOL....I know what you were thinking and no, it aint water surfing, ni Internet.
Anyway, been browsing the internet and found a few interesting items that some were informative and others hilarious on my part..............I think you can judge for yourselves how you find them.
  • I found a clip for a Bongo CD and the intro of it just made me smile.
  • The buddy icon above is from a TZ site........not an American hip hop one! LOL!
  • This UG music video is off the hook (in terms of saucyness) lakini the beginning ............*speechless*
  • Now.....I have waited for soooooooo long for this site to be finished coz it 'looks' promising lakini wapi???? Only time will tell, huh?
  • Mercy Myra has a website and so does Calif Records. Ohh and Juacali too. Judging from what Juacali said regarding his album....I dont think they log in often to update them.
  • Well if you are into Kenya music and dont want to do mingi leg work all over Nairobi, especially under that sun, this might be of interest to you - Kenya Music Week!
  • The makers of the Hip Hop Colony Documentary did an interview for AOL. (Link Courtesy of Dj Dubwise)

That is it for now!

I will be back with another installment of items I find really interesting on the net and share them with you. the moment I will leave you with a music link of a track that is going to be big this Spring (maybe into Summer) and I am loving it to bits:

Montag, März 06, 2006


Dear President Kibaki,

On March 2, 2006 government forces raided the headquarters and printing plant of the Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment and newspapers, they shut down the KTN news station.This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from Standard Newspaper, attacks on Citizen Weekly, and ongoing harassment of journalists by government-sponsored forces.

I urge you to condemn these attacks and to support freedom of the press.

This act of assault to the people who work so hard to feed their families and the general Kenyan public is unacceptable. These are the same people who go out to vote for a better Kenya and this is how they are treated - with disrespect!

It is a shame to had to result to this kind action rather than following the proper channels to deal with the situation. It is humiliating to the donors and investors who are trying to help the people of Kenya. It is embarrasing - PERIOD!

Will justice be served?

Signed: Not likely to vote for imbeciles in 2007,


**Please copy and paste a copy of this letter on your blog. You may alter the wording to suit your needs.

Courtesy of Keguro - Support this cause. Let us be heard!


Damn....why lie while I can do it standing! I missed y'all and blogging.

I needed time-out bila distractions coz of research work I was doing for my course work. It is really doing my head in coz my last assignment....though I did well, it wasn't what I was expecting to get. back as the work load has lightened. I just hope I do well this time.

Special thanks go to KenyanGal, Milonare, Acolyte, Farmgal and newbie Shem Maina for dropping by to wish me well, while I rested my blogging fingers and thoughts.

Now....nini hii ati freedom of press is being kanyagwad. Who are these NGOMONGOz in our Gava letaing public domestics? Yaani...this news was enough to bring me out of hibernation sooner than expected coz I had to vent out. Put my voice out there! Let who ever reads my blog that am joining the band wagon of ONE VOICE, ONE NATION!

Well, Keguro....I will be putting the barua here too! Special posting just for that.

It is such a disgrace that who ever is responsible for ordering this ATTACK on the Standard and KTN media houses are yet to face the music of justice. And what is the Orezo doing about this? Ama Karucy has letad her own domestics that orezo cant sema nada? Just when you thought all this would be over with the new resurfaces again with new tactics.

Then this to divert attention to the famine happening in Kenya? Or has some (if not all) of the donation money lined the pockets of politicians and this is a smoke screen at the expence of the Standard/KTN media group (who probably found out and were ready to publish their findings)?

It kinda makes you wonder! HUH?!?