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Dienstag, Januar 31, 2006

On the eve....

...of my Blogversary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have graced me with their presence, by posting comments, looking at my blog or just being around the blogsphere. I would also like to thank the team of for allowing me to share with the blogworld my thoughts and observations in my life.

It has been a wonderful year for me in this blogiverse and I share strive to continue to post more events that happen in my life during my existence here at

Ok! I know I haven't won a Blogscar........ just funny how we forget to thank people (generally) around us for things that have made positive impact in our lives.

Anywhoo, enough mumblings from me today. Just found out my graphic design class has been cancelled, the TA is sick - woiissshheee! So, came to post something before I turn 1. So, blogmates you know what to do on the 1st of Feb.

Happy Blogversary to me x4

p.s. I will have a surprise for y'all on the day. A glimpse of the delicious gal herself, so stay logged and don't blink or you will miss it!

Montag, Januar 30, 2006

KENYAN BLOG MEME! - The Return of the Tag!

Well I found this through Metalacrobatics blog, that led me to Mama's Junkyard. This Meme was happening early 2005 and I thought I start it again for 2006 and see if the final three I nominate (if they have done it before) have something different to say, hoping it will continue to the old and new members to blogging and KBW (Kenya Blog Webring). Well here goes;

1. Favourite Kenya Food
  • Pilau with spicy meat stew
  • Chapatis
  • Ugali with sukuma wiki (kale) and meat (karanga or 'nyam chom')

2. Favourite Kenyan Drink

  • Tea Masala (since I don't drink alcohol anymore. Lakini during my drinking heyday I used to enjoy 'Dawa' and Dark Rum, Brandy, Vodka with Coke)

3. Favourite Kenyan TV Programme

  • Well this one is a classic for me as most of the characters are still there (R.I.P. to the others) - VITIMBI!

4. Top 3 Kenyan Hangouts

Well you haven't 'explored 'Nai' or Kenya if you haven't been to the following places:

  • Carnival 'Karni'
  • Florida 2000 'F2'
  • Mamba Disco Mombasa

5. Top Holiday Kenyan Destination

  • For me this has to be the Masaai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli Safari package. Available for those who can afford all three at one go. For one that I have been to and enjoyed to the max.......Treetops. How cool is it waking up to the trumpeting of Elephants as they walk 'under' your bed?

6. 3 Kenyan phrases you use a lot (ati, nini, nani DO NOT count and neither does bilaz!)

  • Hatucheki na watu
  • You are such a ngomongo...... (when am kidding or just plain annoyed with your ass)
  • Call me back, am bila credit and you have free minutes.

7. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

  • How they seem to drag you back when you succeed in something
  • Being extra partriotic when abroad (guilty as charged...LOL!)
  • Faking shyte when they go back diggz

8. Three things non-Kenyans say about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

  • Gosh! Your english is really good. Ala, you bloody colonised us!
  • Do you see lions/elephants where you live? Err.....NO!
  • I have always wanted to go to Kenya on holiday, let me know when your are going back I join you (this is mostly said by peeps I know).

9. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans which non-Kenyans ought to know.

  • We speak pretty good english considering that most of the subjects in our schools are taught in English.
  • Wildlife and beaches....sure, but that's not the only thing Kenya has to offer.
  • Not all Kenyans are corrupt.

10. Complete this sentence: I am Kenyan because…..

  • ..... I get all partriotic when anything Kenyan comes up on the TV, radio, whilst shopping, etc.

And finally – list 3 members of the Kenyan Blog Ring you would like to see complete this quiz.

PS: Alter blog current entry!

Donnerstag, Januar 26, 2006



I am looking forward to Wawesh dropping his album this year. If you are reading this Mr Mjanja, ebu leta release dates. I wanna cop' that shyte!

Well, listen here for snippets that may or may not be in his debut album! Click here and here for videos!

Ala....had more to say, but my brain has decided to shut down for the day!

Mittwoch, Januar 25, 2006

RANDOM PICS - Part Deux!

Well folks, here we are again at random pics I have taken since I nunuad my digicam. People pics are not to be included for privacy, this will do for now. Whispering Inn na fighting. I have wekad pics that should put a smile on your faces.....tihihihi!
This rose blossomed in the garden summer of 2005. Can't wait for this year's flowers.

This is for Whispering Inn and Acolyte. The pic at the top, drinks over the New Year - notice something from Jamu? And NO, not the keyholder! I put the pic above for the purposes of it having 'tanye' bottles as I haven't another pic with them on there. Soon I hope, just for the 'povu kings'!
Swans @ a lake near where I live - Summer 2005
The sun setting over a locomotive monument outside MK Station - Summer 2005
Snacks table @ BBQ of May 2005 (Chevdas, Ghandhia, Cake, Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruits, etc.)

These pics were taken @ the MacExpo in October 2005. The pic at the top are MP4s on display. They were on sale for £70 and I was broke - DAMN! Really cool gadgets. The pic above is of the BMW 1Series. I am a fun of VW Golf, but if am given a BMW, I would pick this one. A really cool hatchback.
My favourite snack from digs. Brings alot of memories from the school days. Aco....ebu take back what you semad.

Last but not least, pics of my shoe collection....obviously not all of it, but these are my favourites. Sketchers especially. Note: A new member has been added to the Sketcher Famo....pic to follow soon.

Dienstag, Januar 24, 2006

Publicity, huh?!

I was reading Acolyte's posting on an article written on The Standard. Why lie, ever since they went 'digi - cover to cover' on their pullouts (Pulse and Style being my favourites), I was put off from even reading the news sections on their site. Switched to Nation, you register lakini you can still read some of the pullouts, cover to cover on pdf.

Anyway, (I am sure like myself, peeps are wondering what article this is)I had to read this so called article and after rummaging through the standard archives, I finally patad it. To read the whole story behind the article, check out tHiNkEr'S rOoM. Thinker's post caused alot of responses, but he has a point (99% - the 1% most of us will disagree with). Alot of us don't like the truth to be told, esp. when it is facing us right in the face. That is just us being humans. Kudos to all who were mentioned! Let our voices be heard!

In my opinion, I am still facinated by blogging and am enjoying it to the max.

"Different opinions maketh the blogosphere!"
Na hiyo ni maoni yangu tuu!

Montag, Januar 23, 2006


Well kidogo bored and with today's events, I have decied to weka pics (random ones - no people) I have taken with my digicam (since I nunuad it) to lighten up my blog.

This was taken late Spring of 2005. The London Eye and building on the right is the London Aquarium.

I was from watching 'Robots' at London IMax.

Same day as above. The Big Ben.

Fireworks @ Brighton. Pic taken on the 5th of Nov. 2005.

Guy Fawkes Night.

One of the first pics I took with my camera. Flowers blooming outside my window.

Spring 2005

Part of a BBQ we had in May 2005. 'Twas a blast!

More pics to follow.

Whispering Inn - be on the look out for your 'tanye' or something closer to home!


Just when I thought this week will start out well compared to last week, I pata news ati my pal is in hospital and ati a bulding in Nai. collapsed.

Will keep y'all posted on my pals health. As for what is happening in Jamu, click here or here for updates.

Mittwoch, Januar 11, 2006

My Take...

...on smoking!


This deed performed by moi on New Years Day was my message to the smokers and their nasty habit ('tanye' bottles give the pic kidogo character - not hatin' on our nation brewski) . One of my pals later informed me that they would quit. I just hope they keep their word. While another was close to tears. I found a box of them cancer sticks on the floor of the pub and later I discovered that they actually fell out of someones purse. AAWWWW! (raised eyebrow of sarcasim) I look bovvered? NOT!

Public smoking should be banned - PERIOD! Why should I be subjected to it? I can't get drunk over alcohol fumes and be deemed an alcoholic because I don't drink. So why should I have the lungs of a smoker or illness due to being exposed to smoking and yet I have never put a cigarrette in my mouth?

Have a smokeless day!

Dienstag, Januar 10, 2006

A 'Recap'........

Ok, since jobo has been hectic with catching up with piled up paperwork, details are gonna be kinda hazy about what I did over the hols., lakini it was a blast!

Checked into my pals place in W. London on the 23rd of Dec. and basically wanted to spend Christmas lazing around and doing practically jack shyte other than sleep, eat, pee and shyte really. Ok, freshing up was part of the agenda, but while lie, since we weren't going anywhere, I would have gladly gave that a miss(you know what I mean)......lakini we had 'drop-in' guests. Food was there in plenty......booze for everyone else and plenty of dessert. I malizad a 3/4 tub of Haagen Daz (i had to get high on something)......and that was after I had home baked cake and custard and cake and ice-cream. Ok, my tummy ached like there was no tomorrow.......lakini si I had time to recover?! Ohh did I mention we had nyam chom, veg., more meat in a stew type thing, rice, chapos (which I cooked and were scrumptious) and more meat. It was all good. Eating and being merry amongst friends. Esp. when during the year you only chat to them by phone or email. It was a good time to catch up with people you rarely get to see and to say you dont live far from each other. What this ng'ambo is doing to pals....*TSK* *TSK* *TSK* Anywhoo, we were kept busy with drinking games - to which a very lethal Jamaican White Rum was used....@60% ABV, the smell was enough to get you high - (please note, I was busy getting peeps drunk coz I dont booze....twas fun in a way....TEHEHEHEHE), Trivial Pursuit and Charades......and of course movies on telly during this period helped. Going to bed, floor, or sofa at five in the morning to wake up at nine was just ..............! I basically didnt leave the diggs from the 24th until my departure on the 27th of Dec., of which was a good morning, it snowed and I was the only one up to see it. Two days late for a white christmas, but what the heck! It snowed.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were half days at jobo and afternoons spent hitting the stores for the winter sales. What a nightmare! If it wasnt for my mum and bro, I would have gladly gave the malls a miss during this time. Manic!

Mini fastfoward to Sato evening, busy looking for where to head for the New Year celebrations. A 'couple' of frantic calls later, I find myself heading to my other pals place in Luton. Same crew as Christmas......different location. A local pub in Luton where a Tusker baridi would make any Kenyan feel less homesick at this time of the year. It was ablast ushering in the New Year with old and new friends alike. A clique of almost twenty peeps ending the night....or should I say start the new year at a pals house for 'dish' and then to our respective homes to lala. New Year's Day was spent having a lovely lunch/dinner at a pals house then moved to another house for drinks, where some peeps checked in and semad there was a bash in another diggs - basically, we kinda gatecrashed. Having a clique of eleven peeps you dont jua check into your diggs.....LOL. We kinda liven the place up, coz we found peeps sitting down watching Kenyan Comedy VCDs. It was aiight, for sometime. So, we eventually had to go home. I mean, after rolling into four houses in one just have to call it a day.

Well, I havent semad everything coz a week and a half has pitad and it wont really make an interesting read. I just hope, y'all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Before I forget, on a sad buddies got news that one of the people they met on their trip to Scotland in 2005 passed away hours after wishing her friends and family a happy new year. May her soul rest in peace.

All I can say is, I thank God for everything!

Happy 2006 y'all!

Dienstag, Januar 03, 2006

New Year.....New Things!

Happy New Year y'all!

I really had a lovely Christmas break and ushering in the new year was off the hook. Spent it amongst friends and hollered at my famo and clique back home over the wires. It was cool to hear peoples voices, it really made my hols much better than the last one.

Just a quick entry, as it is my first for 2006, to wish all KBW members and all who visit my blog a very Blessed 2006.

Will be back with a 'detailed' entry of events over the past week.