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Mittwoch, August 31, 2005

Thank You!

I went for the Notting Hill Carnival 2005...........and believe me, I wasn't expecting it to be as it was.....a wonderful event! The weather was good, the food and general atmosphere of the event was fantastic......lakini something was missing! aaarrgghhh......i had fun.........

..........But that is until, you lose one in your party in the crowd........and they happen to be a foreigner (who speaks English....thank God), but a shy teenager. The emotions that I went through together with his family....was enough to dampen the whole affair. One moment the person is there....the next, missing. After searching for an hour, we decided to report it to the police. For six long hours...........we waited while we took turns searching for our lost one! Like a needle in a hay stack....we searched and searched to no avail. The police were doing all they could and they did a very good job.

It wasnt until our final searching rounds from the last place we got separated from.........on our way back to the 'Lost and Found' that had been set up in a school near the carnival route, did we find him. The joy, tears and relief that we found him ok.

All in all, if any of the officers read this........a big THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did. To all the officers and organisers of the carnival...........THANK YOU!

At the end of the day...........the police are here to protect and serve the general public and in such occasions, they are under immense pressure of dealing with thousands of people from all walks of life with different needs, while at the same time, trying to ensure you enjoy the carnival with minimum negative disruptions.

I am just sorry we missed most of it.........but am glad, the whole ordeal ended well. God was with us.

I have also learnt from this, to be well prepared and informed. And to also let people who are new to the carnival around me on what to do if it happens again. My advice right now............ always speak to
a uniformed police officer as they are there to help you.

Also..........London is alive and kicking. Despite the unfortunate events in July, life goes on. A sure sign that Londoners are united and not divided!

Mittwoch, August 24, 2005

T.V. QUOTE......LOL!

"Don't raffle my feathers, you may get your ass tickled" - UK TV Max and Paddy Road to Nowhere (Episode where they are in prison)

Montag, August 22, 2005


I really find it weird when grown ass men (miros), slow down whilst driving or even on stare at an african mama. Kwani, wassup with that? And then, if they do come up to you and utter some vocab......they are either wack or cheesy.

Another scenario, is when they never get the message. If a chic, mami or mama says ZII - yaani N O!

Sometimes I fear for my life for being a snob to this hindiots(idots).......coz I maybe doing it to a phsyco who hasnt kulad nyap for a loooooong time.

Anyway, just thought I rant about this.........damn I kinda feel much better now!

Montag, August 08, 2005


Manzee.....ever since London ilishinda bid ya Olympics, ni stori tuu mbaya tunaskia. Kwani ni nini inaendela huku jo?

Kwanza, the following day kuna wasee wana lipua huko city. Then, two weeks later the same thing. Bahati haku mtu alidie kwa hiyo you pili.

Pili, tunaanza kusikia ma stori za wasee wanauliwa juu ya ngozi au kwa sababu ameongea kwa basi ati msee awachee kutupia watu chakula.

Manzee hata siku hizi sipendi kuwatch news kwa sababu ni stori tuu mbaya unasikia.

The only miracle out of a bad situation ni ile ndege ilianguka huko Toronto. Mungu yu nasi!

Montag, August 01, 2005

Monday Morning Commute!

Saw this on a T-Shirt:

GOLF - I would quit this stupid game if I wasn't married.