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Dienstag, September 06, 2005


I believe the universal launguage that all humans understand is music.....that is why I love it so. I may not know the difference between a solfa ladder and a G-clef........but one thing is for sure, as long has it has a good beat...I love it!

I put up a post on Kenyan music........websites.........anything I could find in this 'World Wide Web'. Found a few sites featuring my neighbours the UGs na waBongo.

Music Uganda is the official Ugandan site that showcases artists from the region. From videos and events, to artist profiles are featured on the site. Within the site you will find links to other sites of Ugandan artists within the region or abroad.

My Bongo (TZ) neighbours are doing well too. They have various sites where you can get info on their artists from Bongo Flava, which showcases unsigned artists and popular artists alike. Darhotwire - for general Bongoland news and entertainment. Ngoma Moto Vibes - online radio for 24 hr bongo flavas. For news of TZ peeps in the here and here. New sites are emerging and look promising...........Bongo Outlet and Afrimix (both still underconstruction). Bongo Outlet has a few tracks worth listening keep checking to see if the site is up and running. Check out this site too.........

Somalia is my neighbour too and I found this artist based in Canada........K'naan. The first single off his album 'The Dusty Foot Philosopher' - Soobax, had its video shot in Nai. Check it out here. He is also featured on VH1.

Like I said....anything to promote our peeps to the international community and if Blogging be it!

One Love!