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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Mittwoch, November 30, 2005

Gallivanting around East London - What a Weekend!

OK..........I jua its like the middle of the week and the next weekend it almost with us, I guess am still recovering from this past weekend's shenanigans. I don't booze and I was on RedBulls for the whole nite. Fikad diggz at around 9a.m. ................yep, winter time and the sun was already out! Couldn't sleep immediately as I was still on a high. AAAAhhhh.....wacha I tell it from the here goes!

My buddie - Shasha - was celebrating his B-Day and we were meant to go to this place in East London called Lasanza. Anyway, by sato jioniz, I was looking for a ride and 7A managed to get one for me with the Double Ms (by the way dankyu). I was picked up by around 9ish and we started our journey to London. We live like an hour or so away. The journey was kinda quiet other than the numerous phone calls of peeps organising to link up. It was a really cold night, so the drive was kinda breath taking - literally. Fogged up windows are a pain, esp. for the driver. Anyway, whilst peeps decided where to go before Lasanza, a phone call came through ati the joint was closed. Now this is where after driving all the way, you get vexxed coz dilemma is where to go. Anyway, we fikad East, a joint called Simpsons. There was talk of fikaing Desire, Afrique, even central London to Ministry of Sound. All over sudden we had all this opitions, lakini time was kinda limited. Anyway, stayed in Simpsons as we were kinda the first ones from out of town to arrive.......waited for the others to get there, including Shasha. We had a drink or two, then decided to fika Afrique instead.

Three cars and a short road trip later, we arrived Club Afrique. This was around 1ish. There.......I was frozen from entering the club. YEP! You read it my twenties I was DENIED ENTRY. You wanna know why.......ati coz I was wearing a Du-Rag. Yep! A DU-RAG! The jamaaz had hats and du-rags too and they were asked to remove them. Fine, that is kinda understandable, lakini for a mama....................the bouncer had it in for me. I tried to reason with him, lakini wapi - ZILCH! Asked for the Manager, the bouncer refused to call him. Saying ati jamaa was at home and if we want to speak to him we call him. I asked for his number, ati he hasnt got it. Then I was like, if the place was by any chance burn down, how would you get in touch with the owner/manager? He lengad to answer. Then I juad it wasnt my day and he was looking for someone to make his night interesting - maybe it was one of those uneventful ones for him. Yaani mpaka someone was suggesting they tafuta a comb for me, lakini I was like what part of 'BAD HAIR DAY don't you understand'! So, after a standing out in freezing temps., it was a case of ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE........the clique decided to go elsewhere. All this time, one of the motiz had gone to pick someone we had to wait for them to return so that we could go elsewhere. Since I wasn't being allowed into the club, we decided to warm up in a fast food joint.

Gosh is that the time.....ebu wacha I get back to work. I will endelea laters...........

Freitag, November 18, 2005


As much as I appreciate the advances of technology (read: internet) and how it is changing our world........I have come to resent it too.

I dislike it when COWARD individuals (esp. in forums and when they are newbies in the forum) use it like their mama's skirt and hide behind it when they talk trash about someones opinion.....kwanza when they pin-point you as the one whose opinion should be trashed. I know some things shouldn't be taken personally, lakini kuna boundaries. If this individual vukas them and start vibing like they jua you inside out (and this is the puzzling part, either they do or they don't / they are using an alias in the same forum).............then, in my OPINION, you retaliate!

Swali moja tuu, why go all the way to tafuta someone who enjoys the freedom of communication amongst an internet community? Kwani ni kazi umekosa? Then you disappear as fast as you appeared. If you have a problem with me (or individual members of a particular forum)........most forums have a PM icon that is clickable.....USE IT!

And that is my rant and definately MY OPINION on the matter.

Have a lovely weekend y'all!

Mittwoch, November 16, 2005

WEEKEND - Part Two

Maannnn, it has been a tough few weeks. Anyway, I hope my 'part two' will make an interesting read. Wasn't good at 'em Compositions' and ..........damn, what was the swa one called again......aahhh 'Insha'. AArgghhh, anyway, here goes......

Guy Fawkes Night 2005 in Brighton

Mr Mocha and I went to Brighton to visit his cousin. Was really looking forward to the weekend away from diggs. Huku ng'ambo you can get 'kidogo' preoccupied with other stuff you 'kinda' sahau to take time out for yourself. Anywhoo, a trip to the coastal town of Brighton was just the ticket and a fireworks display close to midnight couldn't have made the weekend any better.

Suprisingly, the journey to Brighton by train was aiight. The weather though wasn't all that. Trust the British skies to keep calm....yeah right! Kwanza, after a very summer-like September and October, November kicked in with baridi for the two months and its own.

Checked into Brighton and the skies were still grey. There went our chance of hitting the seafront to enjoy a good sunset. So, after a late lunch, we hit the shops. I am into music, and the stores there are a perfect place to find rare vinyl (ok.....kinda broke and didnt break the bank, lakini now i know where to go and have a good weekend to boot), vintage clothes too if you are into that kinda thing, etc.........the shops are just cool and a 'bargain' too, compared to London.

Later on, we decided to hit the pubs for a drink or two only find 'em relatively empty. Everyone was on their way to Lewes for the Bonfire Parade and Fireworks for Guy Fawkes. So, we didn't hang about and made our way there. For the first time, I (we) had to queue and board the train to Lewes with the help of the Transport Police. That is where the whole of Brighton was Lewes. Despite the baridi...........the atmosphere was superb. Trains were packed like a tin of sardines........but everyone was in a good mood.

Lewes aint far from Brighton. It was dark when we got there......but the village feel of the town hits you as soon as you got off the train. People were everywhere, just like your everyday carnival only difference is, there aint no daylight. A first for me since I penda going for Notting Hill Carnival. The route for the parade was packed..........and the milimas in that kavillage were just too much and not a joke. Sawa, I needed the exercise, lakini the free gym wasn't a plot esp. when you are breathing (panting in) very cold air since February. Anyway, we finally managed to catch a glimpse of the parade after looking for a spot for like an hour. It was cool. Ashes burning your eyes, smoke filled air, ears popping from the firecrackers being thrown along the parade.......ahh, good memories.

After the parade...........we headed to the free bonfire site (yah, there were other sites charging to be close to the bonfire). At first, we were thinking of heading back home coz it was cold and the last train was due, lakini a blast in the air made us stop in our tracks. The fireworks display was off the hook. The 'oohhhhs' and 'aaahhhhsss' followed by clapping from the crowd just made the experience memorable. Had to catch a bus home.........the traffic, wacha tuu!

Sunday was spent having a lay-in, followed by a superb lunch shared by Mr Mocha's cousin and her flatmates. After lunch, Mr. Mocha went to see ManU beat Chelsea (I had to......Man U damu) in a pub close by while I stayed back and vibed the cuzo and we later said our thank yous and headed back diggs. What a perfect end to a superb weekend.

Roll-on Summer 2006!

Mittwoch, November 09, 2005

WEEKEND - Part One

Mac Expo 2005 - London

I had a good time in this exhibition. Being my first in the UK (obviously I fikad 'Show' in Jamhuri) and I wanted to get first hand experience of networking in such an environment and test-drive the products bila shida.

Was disappointed tho', akina Dub na 7A didn't show their asses. Wacha I showed 'em the pics, which just semad '.........I wish you were here, you hatad......'!

Anywhoo, mingi things really impressed me. iadvertising, the games experience section - where a twelve year old was showing me the ropes...LOL, music production (was amazed how much work goes into producing a 3 min. track), animation, the new iNumark - yaani iDJ (down side is that you can't beatmix with this gadget, but great for your everyday function like weddings and birthday parties, etc), apples stand which had the new iMac (iSight - yaani webcam - installed), apple's software for Video Editing, Sound and Audio were on display as well, amongst other obvious apple products like the iPod Family. Adobe had a stand there as well and they had people showing you how the product works, the new features you probably didnt know about, etc. There were other stands/companies there as well, like BMW - showing off their new 1Series (got a test drive out of that), HP with their new mini photoprinters (good quality photos - printed one off my digicam) and industrial printers as well, Bose, Minolta, amongst others.

The expo helped me finalise my decision on one of the products on my wishlist and I really learnt alot of things.

Next one....bring on Fashion!

Weekend - Part Two (posting soon!)