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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Donnerstag, September 29, 2005


....maisha ya ng'ambo ni hard manzee!

Anyway, who said it was going to be easy. No neighbour to lend you that katen bob(which you weren't going to pay back anyway) to tao ati you 'tarmac' (job hunting). No friend to saidia you when you are broke and still remain good friends. Basically, you are on your own. SURVIVING this cruel world.

Sometimes you wake up in the kirokoz wanting to pack up and return to your homeland. Ama longing for the things you used to take for granted while you were there. The idea of you just popping into your mates house bila warning. Huku, you have to make 'an appointment' to see your buddies....weeks in advance.....LOL!

I could go on and on.......but I think you get my drift.

Anyway, you know going to have fun when I can. Treat myself to a luxurious night out.....why lie, I deserve it. Afterall, I work hard for my up keep...why not enjoy?!

Donnerstag, September 22, 2005


This is for all my friends and Blogmates celebrating their Birthday this month of September.........


TIME FLIES..........

Manzee, its Thursday already. I am still trying to recover from last Friday's events. Going out on a Friday after work is not a plot. Kwanza, if you haven't done it for such a long time. Basically, I ended up having 27hrs of no rest or sleep. It was a good night though! And there is more to come..........*sign* :)

Peeps who jua me and read this will know what am on about.

Anyways, like they sema, "Time flies when you are having fun"!

Another thing, kwani Autumn will start lini? I am still walking around without a jacket in the middle of September. Temps. are still in their 20s. Kweli we have a 'Global Warming' problem on our hands.

On that note............this is to all tha peeps being affected by the weather in Otato, you are in my prayers. Sir G be with you!

Mittwoch, September 14, 2005


"Unaona huyu (insert name), hao yao ni ya manyasi. Wagondi (thugs) wakikuja, wana wika funga ama tulete ng'ombe!" - Heard while watching Kajairo in Red Korna

Dienstag, September 13, 2005

WHY.....KWA NINI? aaaaarrrrGGHHHH!!!

Manzee, just got a call telling me ati the course I signed up for has been cancelled. This is the second time it has happened to me. Kwani peeps huku dont wanna learn? (The have to have a certain amount of students signed up for the course to run) Am so vexxed, I had to shed a tear or two.

Just when you think you are going to get some education, someone pulls the rug from under your feet............(*sucks/kisses teeth*)!

Just as well I signed up for two courses. Let me wait and see if the second one will be cancelled as well! I aint gonna hold my breath though.....

Montag, September 12, 2005

MOCHA*, anyone? (*Read: Coffee)

A friend is visiting the UK and they had a package for me from my folks back diggs. In it was freshly ground coffee from the 'new' Coffee House in Nairobi, Nairobi Java House.

I don't drink coffee, but I took it coz the smell was so rich and intensive, that it made me feel much more closer to home. Oh, what an aroma!

Ok........enough of that, let me go back to my usual brew, Tea Masala! Yum Yum!

Donnerstag, September 08, 2005

If Only I Could Afford..........

.........Apple products.

Just seen they have launched a new iPod......
'iPod Nano' . I am yet to get an Apple product........mfuko haziwezi toboa. Manzee, I think I will just satisfy my eyes in their London store 'til my bank account says........"Ok, go forth and spend!"

For more on Apple products.........visit them
here! Check out the special event here!

THE LOVE OF MY LIFE..........!

Ok........having a shuma is a good thing too, lakini, without the are we going to make 'em babies.......tehehehe!

Seriously now.........manzee the 'World Wide Web' as a fantastic medium to find stuff you wouldn't in normal circumstances.

I was given a mixtape a while back and it had a track "Emotions" from a mami of Eritrean origin and lives in Norway........Winta. Gal can sing. Check out snippets from her album - First -

I mentioned K'Naan on one of my posts.......he is from Somalia and lives in Canada. Check out his work

A former primomate of mine has a
website and there I found K-Nel......a Kenyan artist living in Ujeru........check out his musical talents here.

Another artist living abroad is Jaqee.........who is based in Sweden, but born in Uganda. Click
here for her website and more info.

Another artist I came across was Kaysha........based in Belgium(I think). Was reading an article from Pulse magazine (Friday's weekly Pullout for the EaStandard Kenya) about the MTVBase Africa Launch Party and he rocked the crowd. Check out his website/blogsite here and for the fotos of the launch party among others, here.

Like I said.....getting websites for peeps who are still based in their home countries is a hard thing...........but the more info I pata, I will keep you locked. Just watch this space.

Blogging to support Africa and its musical talent.

One Love

Mittwoch, September 07, 2005


Discovered this sites only a few months ago and am hooked..............

Friends network -

High School Mates and Possible Reunions -

Dienstag, September 06, 2005


I believe the universal launguage that all humans understand is music.....that is why I love it so. I may not know the difference between a solfa ladder and a G-clef........but one thing is for sure, as long has it has a good beat...I love it!

I put up a post on Kenyan music........websites.........anything I could find in this 'World Wide Web'. Found a few sites featuring my neighbours the UGs na waBongo.

Music Uganda is the official Ugandan site that showcases artists from the region. From videos and events, to artist profiles are featured on the site. Within the site you will find links to other sites of Ugandan artists within the region or abroad.

My Bongo (TZ) neighbours are doing well too. They have various sites where you can get info on their artists from Bongo Flava, which showcases unsigned artists and popular artists alike. Darhotwire - for general Bongoland news and entertainment. Ngoma Moto Vibes - online radio for 24 hr bongo flavas. For news of TZ peeps in the here and here. New sites are emerging and look promising...........Bongo Outlet and Afrimix (both still underconstruction). Bongo Outlet has a few tracks worth listening keep checking to see if the site is up and running. Check out this site too.........

Somalia is my neighbour too and I found this artist based in Canada........K'naan. The first single off his album 'The Dusty Foot Philosopher' - Soobax, had its video shot in Nai. Check it out here. He is also featured on VH1.

Like I said....anything to promote our peeps to the international community and if Blogging be it!

One Love!

Montag, September 05, 2005

FOR MY PEOPLE! really amazed on how times have changed and somethings improve with it. I love music and everything Kenyan....and I am happy to see the Kenyan music scene (or E.A. for that matter) making its mark, locally and 'internationally'!

Was given a Promo CD of a collabo of Kenyan artists based in the UK and I have to say......we got talent. The sample of the CD can be heard here........a website for an underground group consisting of artists, producers, promoters & Dj's based in Kenya and the UK. I have to say, I am liking this tune at the mo'......... 'Mjanja' by Wawesh (Listen here) .

Finding sites for Kenyan artists is proving kinda hard, but a big THANK YOU to peeps abroad who have the resources to do so and promote them. have an online shop, mp3's and videos on their site. Dj XP for 'em videos and KenSoc for 'em events. MTV Africa launched earlier this year and am yet to see more from their site in terms of show casing our African talent to the international community. Dj Edu has a show on BBC 1Xtra - Destination Africa DNA that promotes African tunes on an international level.........Listen to it here

Its amazing how you get so excited about something....then never use it to your full potential. Am talking about this Dj outfit has one, but has never been updated since last year.....wassup with that? There are many others........too many to mention.

Its not only in the music scene that Kenyans are doing well..........found this whilst reading Mimi Magazine - September issue.............NYAKIO . Check it our under the features section.......ones to watch our for in 21 Hottest African Stars.

Let me leave any more info I find for a future post.......I hope my blogging will help promote our artists / people. They need all the exposure they can get. Ama?

Donnerstag, September 01, 2005


Thought I beat the High Street shops and start my list to Santa early........LOL!

So, if you are feeling generous this year........dont be shy *raising brow with a cheeky smile*, I will accept these items mentioned on my wishlist!

To expand my music collection and sudden interest to Djing, I could really do with:

  • Numark CDX - okay, this cheaper model will do then........... Numark Axis 9.
  • Pioneers - any thing from the 1000s to the VDJs. Anything to up my skills.
  • Hed Kandi Compilation CDs
  • A good amp and monitor speakers (currently using Hi-Fi).
  • How can I Apple i-Pod ........ if the mini is choosen, my favourite colour is blue! I don't like the shuffle, so...

Right, am really into Creative Arts and damn, the computer I would like for this is bloody expensive:

Basics will do......i will do the rest, e.g. software, protection, etc.

I am into games as well.......and since the technology has changed since the days of akina sega, the games you buy in the market that have like 30,000 games in them.....LOL.........XBox, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo have really come up with cool new games. The next generation of games are what I will be looking out for.

Basically, I have my heart set on getting the XBox 360. Played with with original XBox and I fell in love with it.

I could go on and on about what to fill my stocking with this year.............. lakini Santa may not be so generous.

So, I just hope I am alive and well to celebrate it with the people I family and friends. As they are the ones who I would really like to be in my wishlist this Chrismas and the ones to follow.