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Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Of Dreams....

Disclaimer: Person(s) mentioned in this posting (other than myself) are ficticious and may or may not be related to anyone I have come into contact with.

.....last night I had the hottest dream ever. Nice though (*wink wink*), but left me fuming!

Lately I have been a mami who likes chilling indoors (ok the cold has something to do with it), but on this occassion of my dream, I had a guest from chambele (abroad). This is a pal I have been in constant touch with but haven't seen in the flesh. We made arrangements to visit one another over the summer period and on this occassion my pal came to visit me first. So, on a particular day, it being a nice summer evening, we decided to lounge at home with a nice dinner and a movie afterwards. Let's just say, dessert wasn't on the menu, but it was definately served.

While watching the movie, I started nodding off and to make myself comfortable, my pal suggested I rest my head on his well toned thighs (ok, a pillow was between my head and his thighs). Anyway, I proceeded to do as I was told and after a few minutes of being awake, I started nodding off again. Suddenly, I felt a tingle in my sleep and I thought I was dreaming. As I roused from my cat-nap, I felt my 'pal' caressing my locks between his fingers. I immediately sat up in shock because I felt slightly embarassed for nodding of on my pal like I did and having felt a rush of warm blood going to certian areas of my anatomy that haven't enjoy such a sensation in months.

As seen in the movies (and I dont say this lightly), in slow motion we faced each other and slowly moved closer to each other for that kiss. DAMN! I think technically, I was having a 'wet dream', coz it felt so real. At first it was a slow sensual kiss to get to know each other, then after finding each others contours and started getting more and more passionate. OOOOHHHH, the caressing and moaning accompanied by the kiss, snog, frenchies................hhhmmmmm! was enough to make me EXPLODE!!!

It was at this moment as I shifted slightly to make myself comfortable in his arms, the cold sheets in my bed woke me up.......KCUF KCUF KCUF!!! DAMN WINTER! Why lie, I was close to tears to find myself in a cold double-bed............ALONE, and horny without an outlet! I went back to sleep convincing myself......that dreams do come true, if I believe hard enough! This is one of those moments you wish you had a bootiecall on speed-dial. Ohh, the powers of wishful thinking, huh?!

Sweet Dreams tonight and make sure you have a 'hotwater bottle' to keep your bed warm!


Anonymous dreamlover said...

Hey princess!On those cold winter nights when I am alone with no-one to hold and talk to I think about you too!It's not right but I will survive for now...

3:36 PM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Mocha, you seriously need a boot call. Ask Strawberries for some advice

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Its been too damn long! said...

@dreamlover.....hhhmmmm! can i put you on my '69' speed-dial? are right. i do need a booty call. this winter has extended its stay and am getting hot under the collar. ebu ask Strawberries to holla for that advice!

10:07 AM  
Blogger Milonare said...


Take your place in line on the bilas train young lady...

Right behind Aco, Muts, Ms K and Nick...


12:30 PM  
Anonymous '69' Ni nini? said...

LOL....Milo wewe!

I already joined that bandwagon bila am being haunted! AARRGGHHH! the moment the dreams will do for now! What else can a mami do?


12:47 PM  
Anonymous acolyte said...

@ Milo
Why am I at the head of the train?I know some of ya'll have been on it much longer!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Brother Jero (BJ) said...

Hey Mocha, its my first time here. Thanks for popping by. Hey, I like already. Your site's coool too and I totally agree with you on the pulling down skirts thingy, how about just some nice hot pants period.

Will surely keep it here.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Milo said...


Some of us got thrown off the train for being there too long LOLOL

8:09 AM  
Anonymous mocha! said...

tihihihi @ milo!

9:46 AM  

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