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Dienstag, Februar 14, 2006


Talk about timing!?

Well taking time out from blogging for a while to concentrate on other things. Dunno when I will be back, but I will surely miss y'all!

Be good and stay blessed!

Montag, Februar 13, 2006


LOL.......another eventful weekend.....drama as per kwa lakini, won't weka it hapa due to 'public interest'!

Anywhoo, a pal of mine (one of many) sent me this link that might interest y'all:

I just hope it is here to last, if you know what am saying!?!


Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2006

AIRWAVES Publicity......

a good thing or bad?

I was busy watching 2 Fast 2 Furious on ITV jana. As per kawa, during commercial break or I think news, I started flipping channels. I missed most of the news on BBC, but I managed to catch the final questions to the High Commisioner of Kenya in the UK being interview on the Anglo Leasing Scandal on BBC'S News Night.

Browsing the BBC site, there is a taped conversation between Mr Githongo and a government minister. Click here for video interview with the BBC.

I am not surprised by all this, lakini where does the future of Kenya lie in the midst of all this?

*Shaking head in disappointment in our current leaders*

N/B: Mentalacrobatics has a longer video.

Montag, Februar 06, 2006

This Thing called HATERnATION!

Some of this post should have been put here lakini.....I will leave it here.

Now where do I begin.

Ok, as a mama, I personally dont like other peoples drama other than my own, lakini sometimes you find yourself in the middle of it you dont know how to jitoa or are just part of it involuntarily. This weekend started out slow.......Sato was spent loungin' at home the whole day in my 'Jim Jamz'. Then I remembered I had to ask B a question regarding some allegations I read somewhere. A phone call won't do, so it would have to wait 'till I saw B face to face. Anywhoo, then it made we wonder why sometimes I dislike being a Kenyan. UWIVU! Why is it that when one person sees you doing something you love and are good at and it makes you progress.....they usually have to find a way to stand in your way or drag you back to their pathetic level of no maendeleo? HATERS or HATERATION amongst Kenyans (can't speak for other races) is one thing that kinda puzzles me. And the funny thing is, the person doing all this is someone you are close to or roll in the same circles. Check chutes for example, they would go to any lengths to saidiana.....and they succeed in doing their shyte, why can't we adopt the same/similar attitude? AAARRGGGHHHH.....this thing/issue usually makes me.......AARRGGHHH!

Anyway, on Sunday after watching Liverpool lose to Chelsea (Aco...pole! I was rooting for Liverpool to win anyway) as Chelsea continue their journey to do an Arsenal (not the treble), my pals and I arranged to go look for food. We settled for a local pub that has a function room which is hired out on Sundays by some TZ jamaas. They choma nyam chom and some other stuff as well. Their menu looked pretty impressive, so we ordered a platter of meat for four. As hungry as we were........when the meat came we were like, "Is that all?" Yaani, talk about volume for money. The portions were for one person let alone four...........and you are serving meat loving Kenyans that? Ok, there was nothing wrong with the nyama, it was timam by the way.......lakini the portion served was kidogo. And it was served with salad that took a quarter of the platter anyway..........i just didn't want to imagine the portions served for one person! Ahhh, that is my rant for that, coz I wasnt impressed. Would I recommend the joint.......yah! to someone who isn't hungry or is loaded with spending cash and has eaten at home and still wants a warm snack to go with their beer!

Anyway, after the 'meal', we stuck around and B showed up and I got my chance to ask about the beef that is brewing in the 'community'. Jamaa wasn't bothered coz the person spewing all the bile had to be from the clique and filled with uwivu..........or just looking for recognition in the wrong way. Kwani ni kazi watu wamekosa that they have to pick on you? I remember someone calling me a sad mama a while back. B basically said what he had to say regarding the issue and if peeps can't let it go then they seriously have a problem with their EGO. Talk about wanting to get it massaged...........EEEEWWWWW!

Paragraph Deleted: Saturday, 11 Feb. 2006.

There was some other shyte going on up in there in a space of like three hours......lakini, due to the fact that someone from that Sunday night will be reading this.....I won't put it up here. The rule of "What happened in (insert location here), stays in (insert location here)."

Its a shame through my experiences with life, so far, that when you think you have left most of your shitty drama history still has a way of finding your ass! And most of it has something to do with the peeps who keep hating on you, esp. when you aint bothered with their shyte or presence any more.

To my pals, SS, B, ML, SLK.........KD & MK Crew - Keep your head up and show 'em what you are made of. The motto this year, "HATUCHEKI NA WATU"!

Donnerstag, Februar 02, 2006

I AM 1 ......Already!?!

Well, if you are passing thorough after the 1st of Feb., blinked for too long and missed most of it! Pole, maybe next year huh?!

And how did Mocha! celebrate.......nursing a sprained knee. What happened? Well, NO COMMENT!

Have a good day y'all!

Mittwoch, Februar 01, 2006


LOL....time flies when you are having fun and for sure I am with this blogging experience. Well since I have had requests from people wanting to see how Mocha! looks like, well here is an opportunity just for today. A treat for y'all and myself since the birth of my blog a year ago today.

Without much further ado......................... here is Mocha! well, bits of me! LOL!

Updated: 2nd Feb. 2006

Well, if you are passing thorough after the 1st of Feb., blinked for too long and missed it all! Pole, maybe next year huh?! I will just leave the twins (and captions of Mocha's! pics that u hatad) for your viewing pleasure!

The big brown eyes that stare at the monitor reading your blogs!

The e-shoulder you can lean on when you need an e-friend!

That cute smile that I have when I read some of the funny posts in your blogs (my laugh is just as cute, but impossible to photograph!)

All hand(s) on decks(ok! keyboard)! Well, I have to use something to make 'em comments and blog entries!

Last but not least (with new addition to my Sketcher family as mentioned in previous post), the twins! Enjoy!

Alter Blog new entry!