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Donnerstag, April 13, 2006

Q & A with Mocha!

Right folks......last day to get your questions in. Answers will be published next week.

Have a lovely Easter Y'all!


Blogger dangerously_shy said...


No questions here, but will be looking forward to reading the answers

Anywhoo Just wanted to say kudos for getting a nomination for your dj mocha blog!!! Any plans on how you will spend the 0.20pence? May i suggest depositing it into a high interest account? Lol…

Ehe..plans shia Easter? ? Im currently eyeing which laptop ill kururia with me home so I work on these gobshite reports..

Exciting times ahead eh?

Have a nice Easter!!

9:55 vorm.  
Blogger kelitu said...

Nina Swali...
Have you met any music celebz? If so, who is your favourite?

4:04 nachm.  

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