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Freitag, April 14, 2006

100 Pieces of Moch@! tagged by Shiroh.

Obviously there is more, even as I blog the list. Well here goes nothing:

  1. I am definately UNIQUE.
  2. I love my mom and bro and the rest of my family members and friends
  3. I love music - the universal language of love.
  4. I am definately stubborn
  5. I have a sense of humour
  6. I am your average Jane
  7. I am God-fearing
  8. I got stuck here
  9. I remembered what I wanted to blog about myself
  10. I love blogging - am addicted, even if I get the bloggers block every now and then
  11. I surround myself with wonderful people
  12. The not so wonderful people around me either can't stand me or are just curious about me, so they hang about.
  13. I love gadgets
  14. I love Sketchers
  15. I Dj as a hobby
  16. I have my on days and my off days
  17. I am shy
  18. I am observant
  19. I love dancing
  20. I like surfing the web
  21. I like meeting new people
  22. I have a weakness for chocolate - esp. Dark Chocolate.
  23. I love Ice-Cream
  24. I love potatoes - chips being on top of the list
  25. I have ice in my drink even during winter
  26. I prefer to have a shower rather than a bath
  27. I am the first born
  28. I was in an all girls' day school
  29. I can be very cheeky
  30. I giggle alot
  31. I hate topping up my phone
  32. I enjoy my design course - despite the horrible research work.
  33. I hate working
  34. I know one day I will win the lottery
  35. Or be a rich mami through hardwork
  36. Have a wonderful husband
  37. and beautiful children
  38. and live in a beautiful home
  39. I like day dreaming about stuff like that
  40. I know God will provide
  41. I don't have close girl friends
  42. I have an acute phobia for such relationships
  43. I prefer male friends
  44. I hate shopping for myself
  45. I dont shop according to season, rather according to my 'pocket'
  46. I can be selfish
  47. I have had bad relationships lately
  48. I am quite independent
  49. I am shagadelic
  50. though i have had a dry spell for sometime now
  51. I am the jealous type
  52. I love my own company
  53. I love to cook esp. for a man who has my attention
  54. I am a hopeless romantic
  55. I rant about a lot of things
  56. I do not drink
  57. I do not smoke
  58. I hate smoking as a habit
  59. I believe smokers are selfish people
  60. I hate to see people suffering
  61. yet I don't know how to console people, but I try.
  62. I cry at weddings and funerals
  63. I love watching movies
  64. I am very picky - friends, food, relationships,etc. Food esp. though. If I haven't tasted it or I pucked it, then it is on the 'Foods I Don't Eat' list.
  65. I used to drink.
  66. I have chewed miraa.
  67. I didn't like it then and definately not now
  68. I don't have a dildo (for the curious minds)
  69. I dream instead
  70. I have had a 'shag-buddy' or 'shag-mate'
  71. I am not going down that road again - been there, done that!
  72. It was good while it lasted
  73. If I don't cry, I laugh
  74. I laugh or have a confused look when I'm nervous
  75. I look like a lost puppy when am meeting someone new in a crowded place.
  76. I hate exercise
  77. I love to swim though
  78. I have had 'nookie' in a steam room
  79. It was definately steamy
  80. Tried it in the back of a car
  81. I wasn't horrid
  82. I have done the whole drinking for three days stint with my pals in Naivasha
  83. I did the whole 'jam session' thing back in the day
  84. And 'Super Soul' too
  85. I love and miss Kenyan rugby
  86. I dated two players
  87. Not at the same time
  88. I have been in a love triangle
  89. We ended up remaining good friends
  90. Most of my pals are male
  91. I have been back stabbed by an ex-pal - a girl
  92. My best friend passed away
  93. I have a god-daughter
  94. I am a lazy cow
  95. I get bored easily
  96. I would like to travel the world before I have any children
  97. I never thought I would make this list work
  98. My birthday is coming up soon
  99. I love surprises and those are...
  100. things about me and there is more, just get to know me!

I won't tag nobody.....just do it if you can!


Blogger Acolyte said...

Interesting list.Now that you have letad this mambo of having to sign in you will be seeing me once every blue moon!packs up and leaves!

3:54 nachm.  
Blogger Farmgal said...

enjoyed that list.

12:17 nachm.  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Interesting stuff. Ati now what is shagadelic. I wont believe you dont drink until you said it. Interesting you come out more conservative than wild.

8:58 vorm.  

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