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Samstag, Juli 23, 2005

Bitter Day .............. Better Beginning!

For three months my head had extensions and I decided to remove them to let my hair breath. I don't want to comb it out dry as my hair will break. So, I wash it with detangling shampoo and condition it to soften it for the combing process.

As tears trickle from my eyes, I realise that I won't have hair left on my head by the time am done. As it was breaking from where it had matted.

I take a deep breath and grab a pair of scissors and start snipping.........snip.......snip......snip........matted strand by matted strand. I have always wanted dreadlocks, but not like this. By now, my eyes are dry and I begin to enjoy myself as I know am cutting off my hair and giving myself a new look. A blessing in disguise maybe, seeing I had no money to buy the relaxer to do up my hair............! I can now clean my hair when I feel like. Be rained on without worrying about how much time I spent making my hair perfect.

At least I can say my weekend didn't go to waste.............I did something 'new' and well, exciting once I get used to my new look.

Freitag, Juli 22, 2005

Luv 'Em Sketchers - RELOADED

As promised since I figured out how to load pics up in Sketcher collection (not big).

Things to do when you are bored - post pics of your shoes!

Maisha ya Kisasa!

Living in it fair?

Freitag, Juli 15, 2005

E.A. and the World!

It is weird / funny how when you chomoka digs is when you start missing the things you took for granted whilst your were there. Was reading Pulse this morning, and they had an article about a music festival that happened in Zanzibar and the mention of films made by Kenyans or East Africans made me homesick in a way.

Swali moja tuu, how come these films are never readily available to us peeps abroad?

Manzee, we have the talent, but we lack in the exposure department. Kenyan music scene is buzzing, but in my opinion more needs to be done. I can big up Dj Edu for doing his thang in putting us on the international music map. We need this kind of exposure to make it. Be a country of exporting talent to attract potential investors. We have the tourism and the agriculture for our economy, why not entertainment?

MTV recently launched in Africa - MTVBase Africa - and it is about time. African musicians, most of who appeal to the youth, can now showcase their talent.

With all the furore of the G8, Live8 and MakePoveryHistory, in my opinion, in the worlds eyes, Africa is a poor continent, and that aint true. Africa is rich in many ways, but some of its riches have been taken and yet the people are still standing. Making a comeback in other ways, ie music, to show the rest of the world that we can work hard to make life better.

Anyway, manzee madistributors, ebu do something about putting our music, films and documentaries out there.

Any publicity is good publicity, right?

Freitag, Juli 08, 2005

SABA SABA (UK Version)

The previous day, London gets the news that the will be hosting the Olympics in 2012. Then after the celebrations comes terror. London was a target and yesterday, 7th July 2005, it was targeted.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass my condolences to family, relatives and friends who were affected by this tragedy. To those who lost their lives - May You Rest in Peace!

To the terrorists, God is watching you, as this isn't an act of God.

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