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Montag, März 06, 2006


Damn....why lie while I can do it standing! I missed y'all and blogging.

I needed time-out bila distractions coz of research work I was doing for my course work. It is really doing my head in coz my last assignment....though I did well, it wasn't what I was expecting to get. back as the work load has lightened. I just hope I do well this time.

Special thanks go to KenyanGal, Milonare, Acolyte, Farmgal and newbie Shem Maina for dropping by to wish me well, while I rested my blogging fingers and thoughts.

Now....nini hii ati freedom of press is being kanyagwad. Who are these NGOMONGOz in our Gava letaing public domestics? Yaani...this news was enough to bring me out of hibernation sooner than expected coz I had to vent out. Put my voice out there! Let who ever reads my blog that am joining the band wagon of ONE VOICE, ONE NATION!

Well, Keguro....I will be putting the barua here too! Special posting just for that.

It is such a disgrace that who ever is responsible for ordering this ATTACK on the Standard and KTN media houses are yet to face the music of justice. And what is the Orezo doing about this? Ama Karucy has letad her own domestics that orezo cant sema nada? Just when you thought all this would be over with the new resurfaces again with new tactics.

Then this to divert attention to the famine happening in Kenya? Or has some (if not all) of the donation money lined the pockets of politicians and this is a smoke screen at the expence of the Standard/KTN media group (who probably found out and were ready to publish their findings)?

It kinda makes you wonder! HUH?!?


Blogger Acolyte said...

Good to have you back!

2:58 nachm.  
Blogger Mocha! said...

thanks Aco....glad to be back!

4:00 nachm.  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Hibernation over. Welcome back

6:06 vorm.  
Blogger Milonare said...


Mochalious is back!! Come here and give Milo a big hug...

Lakini dont let the mikonoz stray too much downwards. Kiasi tosha...

Glad you is back!!!

9:22 vorm.  

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