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Montag, März 06, 2006


Dear President Kibaki,

On March 2, 2006 government forces raided the headquarters and printing plant of the Standard Group. In addition to destroying equipment and newspapers, they shut down the KTN news station.This latest attack follows the jailing of three journalists from Standard Newspaper, attacks on Citizen Weekly, and ongoing harassment of journalists by government-sponsored forces.

I urge you to condemn these attacks and to support freedom of the press.

This act of assault to the people who work so hard to feed their families and the general Kenyan public is unacceptable. These are the same people who go out to vote for a better Kenya and this is how they are treated - with disrespect!

It is a shame to had to result to this kind action rather than following the proper channels to deal with the situation. It is humiliating to the donors and investors who are trying to help the people of Kenya. It is embarrasing - PERIOD!

Will justice be served?

Signed: Not likely to vote for imbeciles in 2007,


**Please copy and paste a copy of this letter on your blog. You may alter the wording to suit your needs.

Courtesy of Keguro - Support this cause. Let us be heard!


Blogger Kenyananalyst said...

Hi all, I attended the protests a few hours ago. Here are my raw reflections (largely un-edited):

8:02 PM  
Anonymous CEO of ML......M! said...

hey Kenyananalyst.....will check out the memo!

thanks for touching base.

8:44 AM  

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