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Dienstag, Januar 10, 2006

A 'Recap'........

Ok, since jobo has been hectic with catching up with piled up paperwork, details are gonna be kinda hazy about what I did over the hols., lakini it was a blast!

Checked into my pals place in W. London on the 23rd of Dec. and basically wanted to spend Christmas lazing around and doing practically jack shyte other than sleep, eat, pee and shyte really. Ok, freshing up was part of the agenda, but while lie, since we weren't going anywhere, I would have gladly gave that a miss(you know what I mean)......lakini we had 'drop-in' guests. Food was there in plenty......booze for everyone else and plenty of dessert. I malizad a 3/4 tub of Haagen Daz (i had to get high on something)......and that was after I had home baked cake and custard and cake and ice-cream. Ok, my tummy ached like there was no tomorrow.......lakini si I had time to recover?! Ohh did I mention we had nyam chom, veg., more meat in a stew type thing, rice, chapos (which I cooked and were scrumptious) and more meat. It was all good. Eating and being merry amongst friends. Esp. when during the year you only chat to them by phone or email. It was a good time to catch up with people you rarely get to see and to say you dont live far from each other. What this ng'ambo is doing to pals....*TSK* *TSK* *TSK* Anywhoo, we were kept busy with drinking games - to which a very lethal Jamaican White Rum was used....@60% ABV, the smell was enough to get you high - (please note, I was busy getting peeps drunk coz I dont booze....twas fun in a way....TEHEHEHEHE), Trivial Pursuit and Charades......and of course movies on telly during this period helped. Going to bed, floor, or sofa at five in the morning to wake up at nine was just ..............! I basically didnt leave the diggs from the 24th until my departure on the 27th of Dec., of which was a good morning, it snowed and I was the only one up to see it. Two days late for a white christmas, but what the heck! It snowed.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were half days at jobo and afternoons spent hitting the stores for the winter sales. What a nightmare! If it wasnt for my mum and bro, I would have gladly gave the malls a miss during this time. Manic!

Mini fastfoward to Sato evening, busy looking for where to head for the New Year celebrations. A 'couple' of frantic calls later, I find myself heading to my other pals place in Luton. Same crew as Christmas......different location. A local pub in Luton where a Tusker baridi would make any Kenyan feel less homesick at this time of the year. It was ablast ushering in the New Year with old and new friends alike. A clique of almost twenty peeps ending the night....or should I say start the new year at a pals house for 'dish' and then to our respective homes to lala. New Year's Day was spent having a lovely lunch/dinner at a pals house then moved to another house for drinks, where some peeps checked in and semad there was a bash in another diggs - basically, we kinda gatecrashed. Having a clique of eleven peeps you dont jua check into your diggs.....LOL. We kinda liven the place up, coz we found peeps sitting down watching Kenyan Comedy VCDs. It was aiight, for sometime. So, we eventually had to go home. I mean, after rolling into four houses in one just have to call it a day.

Well, I havent semad everything coz a week and a half has pitad and it wont really make an interesting read. I just hope, y'all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Before I forget, on a sad buddies got news that one of the people they met on their trip to Scotland in 2005 passed away hours after wishing her friends and family a happy new year. May her soul rest in peace.

All I can say is, I thank God for everything!

Happy 2006 y'all!


Blogger nick said...

Hey Choca Mocha Latta: have a great new year..and ebu tell us the movies u been upto

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Acolyte said...

Good to hear that you had fun, pole about your pal though.Anyway my handle is mwafrika2 at hit me on msn soonest!Later......

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Tweetie said...

Wallapas Mochs..
What a day this is turning out to be..rude, obnoxious odieros everywhere I look..all those who find working with odieros tiresome, frustrating and mind numbingly exhausting say "aye" lol
I see u were here there and everywhere during the xmas..nice...keep them blogs coming..

Ps I see u have a blogmirere..Acolyte eh?he sounds hot..mocha and acolyte sitting in a tree..k.i.s.s.i.n.g..tee hee..yes im im not insane..

11:17 AM  

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