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Mittwoch, November 16, 2005

WEEKEND - Part Two

Maannnn, it has been a tough few weeks. Anyway, I hope my 'part two' will make an interesting read. Wasn't good at 'em Compositions' and ..........damn, what was the swa one called again......aahhh 'Insha'. AArgghhh, anyway, here goes......

Guy Fawkes Night 2005 in Brighton

Mr Mocha and I went to Brighton to visit his cousin. Was really looking forward to the weekend away from diggs. Huku ng'ambo you can get 'kidogo' preoccupied with other stuff you 'kinda' sahau to take time out for yourself. Anywhoo, a trip to the coastal town of Brighton was just the ticket and a fireworks display close to midnight couldn't have made the weekend any better.

Suprisingly, the journey to Brighton by train was aiight. The weather though wasn't all that. Trust the British skies to keep calm....yeah right! Kwanza, after a very summer-like September and October, November kicked in with baridi for the two months and its own.

Checked into Brighton and the skies were still grey. There went our chance of hitting the seafront to enjoy a good sunset. So, after a late lunch, we hit the shops. I am into music, and the stores there are a perfect place to find rare vinyl (ok.....kinda broke and didnt break the bank, lakini now i know where to go and have a good weekend to boot), vintage clothes too if you are into that kinda thing, etc.........the shops are just cool and a 'bargain' too, compared to London.

Later on, we decided to hit the pubs for a drink or two only find 'em relatively empty. Everyone was on their way to Lewes for the Bonfire Parade and Fireworks for Guy Fawkes. So, we didn't hang about and made our way there. For the first time, I (we) had to queue and board the train to Lewes with the help of the Transport Police. That is where the whole of Brighton was Lewes. Despite the baridi...........the atmosphere was superb. Trains were packed like a tin of sardines........but everyone was in a good mood.

Lewes aint far from Brighton. It was dark when we got there......but the village feel of the town hits you as soon as you got off the train. People were everywhere, just like your everyday carnival only difference is, there aint no daylight. A first for me since I penda going for Notting Hill Carnival. The route for the parade was packed..........and the milimas in that kavillage were just too much and not a joke. Sawa, I needed the exercise, lakini the free gym wasn't a plot esp. when you are breathing (panting in) very cold air since February. Anyway, we finally managed to catch a glimpse of the parade after looking for a spot for like an hour. It was cool. Ashes burning your eyes, smoke filled air, ears popping from the firecrackers being thrown along the parade.......ahh, good memories.

After the parade...........we headed to the free bonfire site (yah, there were other sites charging to be close to the bonfire). At first, we were thinking of heading back home coz it was cold and the last train was due, lakini a blast in the air made us stop in our tracks. The fireworks display was off the hook. The 'oohhhhs' and 'aaahhhhsss' followed by clapping from the crowd just made the experience memorable. Had to catch a bus home.........the traffic, wacha tuu!

Sunday was spent having a lay-in, followed by a superb lunch shared by Mr Mocha's cousin and her flatmates. After lunch, Mr. Mocha went to see ManU beat Chelsea (I had to......Man U damu) in a pub close by while I stayed back and vibed the cuzo and we later said our thank yous and headed back diggs. What a perfect end to a superb weekend.

Roll-on Summer 2006!