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Dienstag, Januar 24, 2006

Publicity, huh?!

I was reading Acolyte's posting on an article written on The Standard. Why lie, ever since they went 'digi - cover to cover' on their pullouts (Pulse and Style being my favourites), I was put off from even reading the news sections on their site. Switched to Nation, you register lakini you can still read some of the pullouts, cover to cover on pdf.

Anyway, (I am sure like myself, peeps are wondering what article this is)I had to read this so called article and after rummaging through the standard archives, I finally patad it. To read the whole story behind the article, check out tHiNkEr'S rOoM. Thinker's post caused alot of responses, but he has a point (99% - the 1% most of us will disagree with). Alot of us don't like the truth to be told, esp. when it is facing us right in the face. That is just us being humans. Kudos to all who were mentioned! Let our voices be heard!

In my opinion, I am still facinated by blogging and am enjoying it to the max.

"Different opinions maketh the blogosphere!"
Na hiyo ni maoni yangu tuu!


Blogger Prousette said...

Enyewe standard lost a big chunk of their faithful readers with that digi- crap kwani they thought sales would go up just on account of that? But I still like their style.

The debate still rages on at thinkers people do not want to be told the truth. Me being one of them.

9:17 vorm.  

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