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Montag, Januar 30, 2006

KENYAN BLOG MEME! - The Return of the Tag!

Well I found this through Metalacrobatics blog, that led me to Mama's Junkyard. This Meme was happening early 2005 and I thought I start it again for 2006 and see if the final three I nominate (if they have done it before) have something different to say, hoping it will continue to the old and new members to blogging and KBW (Kenya Blog Webring). Well here goes;

1. Favourite Kenya Food
  • Pilau with spicy meat stew
  • Chapatis
  • Ugali with sukuma wiki (kale) and meat (karanga or 'nyam chom')

2. Favourite Kenyan Drink

  • Tea Masala (since I don't drink alcohol anymore. Lakini during my drinking heyday I used to enjoy 'Dawa' and Dark Rum, Brandy, Vodka with Coke)

3. Favourite Kenyan TV Programme

  • Well this one is a classic for me as most of the characters are still there (R.I.P. to the others) - VITIMBI!

4. Top 3 Kenyan Hangouts

Well you haven't 'explored 'Nai' or Kenya if you haven't been to the following places:

  • Carnival 'Karni'
  • Florida 2000 'F2'
  • Mamba Disco Mombasa

5. Top Holiday Kenyan Destination

  • For me this has to be the Masaai Mara, Tsavo and Amboseli Safari package. Available for those who can afford all three at one go. For one that I have been to and enjoyed to the max.......Treetops. How cool is it waking up to the trumpeting of Elephants as they walk 'under' your bed?

6. 3 Kenyan phrases you use a lot (ati, nini, nani DO NOT count and neither does bilaz!)

  • Hatucheki na watu
  • You are such a ngomongo...... (when am kidding or just plain annoyed with your ass)
  • Call me back, am bila credit and you have free minutes.

7. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

  • How they seem to drag you back when you succeed in something
  • Being extra partriotic when abroad (guilty as charged...LOL!)
  • Faking shyte when they go back diggz

8. Three things non-Kenyans say about Kenya/Kenyans that make you go ‘hmmm’

  • Gosh! Your english is really good. Ala, you bloody colonised us!
  • Do you see lions/elephants where you live? Err.....NO!
  • I have always wanted to go to Kenya on holiday, let me know when your are going back I join you (this is mostly said by peeps I know).

9. Three things about Kenya/Kenyans which non-Kenyans ought to know.

  • We speak pretty good english considering that most of the subjects in our schools are taught in English.
  • Wildlife and beaches....sure, but that's not the only thing Kenya has to offer.
  • Not all Kenyans are corrupt.

10. Complete this sentence: I am Kenyan because…..

  • ..... I get all partriotic when anything Kenyan comes up on the TV, radio, whilst shopping, etc.

And finally – list 3 members of the Kenyan Blog Ring you would like to see complete this quiz.

PS: Alter blog current entry!


Blogger Kenyangal said...

Yeeeee!!! I Can't believe i've been tagged! I feel so accepted :)
Right, i guess i will now figure out how to do this, >>

2:04 PM  
Anonymous acolyte said...

Oh well, gotta rush to the torture chamber but will complete the tag when i get back!

7:16 PM  
Blogger Whispering Inn said...

Der Kommentar wurde von einem Blog-Administrator entfernt.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Whispering Inn said...

Just when I thought it was safe to come to your blog, bang! I get tagged. Money has been poured! Well...since you and I are working towards a "joint exercise regimen" complete with poles....*wink*....I am honored.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Mocha! said...

@kenyangal....there is no need for you to feel accepted. you are accepted! can't wait to read your tag. chamber. you should take up my lapdancing offer...a nice bath followed by a massage are guaranteed. this one kind of 'torture' that will have you asking for more.

@whispering inn....dont worry. i wont leave you out. keep working towards making 'our regime' a never know *wink* things may happen.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Mama JunkYard said...

LMAO@ Ngomongo.

Thanks for doing the meme - the answers just keep getting better and better

10:52 PM  

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