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Montag, September 05, 2005

FOR MY PEOPLE! really amazed on how times have changed and somethings improve with it. I love music and everything Kenyan....and I am happy to see the Kenyan music scene (or E.A. for that matter) making its mark, locally and 'internationally'!

Was given a Promo CD of a collabo of Kenyan artists based in the UK and I have to say......we got talent. The sample of the CD can be heard here........a website for an underground group consisting of artists, producers, promoters & Dj's based in Kenya and the UK. I have to say, I am liking this tune at the mo'......... 'Mjanja' by Wawesh (Listen here) .

Finding sites for Kenyan artists is proving kinda hard, but a big THANK YOU to peeps abroad who have the resources to do so and promote them. have an online shop, mp3's and videos on their site. Dj XP for 'em videos and KenSoc for 'em events. MTV Africa launched earlier this year and am yet to see more from their site in terms of show casing our African talent to the international community. Dj Edu has a show on BBC 1Xtra - Destination Africa DNA that promotes African tunes on an international level.........Listen to it here

Its amazing how you get so excited about something....then never use it to your full potential. Am talking about this Dj outfit has one, but has never been updated since last year.....wassup with that? There are many others........too many to mention.

Its not only in the music scene that Kenyans are doing well..........found this whilst reading Mimi Magazine - September issue.............NYAKIO . Check it our under the features section.......ones to watch our for in 21 Hottest African Stars.

Let me leave any more info I find for a future post.......I hope my blogging will help promote our artists / people. They need all the exposure they can get. Ama?


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