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Donnerstag, September 29, 2005


....maisha ya ng'ambo ni hard manzee!

Anyway, who said it was going to be easy. No neighbour to lend you that katen bob(which you weren't going to pay back anyway) to tao ati you 'tarmac' (job hunting). No friend to saidia you when you are broke and still remain good friends. Basically, you are on your own. SURVIVING this cruel world.

Sometimes you wake up in the kirokoz wanting to pack up and return to your homeland. Ama longing for the things you used to take for granted while you were there. The idea of you just popping into your mates house bila warning. Huku, you have to make 'an appointment' to see your buddies....weeks in advance.....LOL!

I could go on and on.......but I think you get my drift.

Anyway, you know going to have fun when I can. Treat myself to a luxurious night out.....why lie, I deserve it. Afterall, I work hard for my up keep...why not enjoy?!


Blogger nick said...

hung in there...can we rally up the UK bloggers to fanyia you a ka-harambee like that???? just say the word and i'll have Nurse Guess unlesah some of that overtime mula she is making off of us

6:09 PM  
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Blogger Adrian said...

hope you are holding up fine hukos!

9:06 AM  

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