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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Donnerstag, September 22, 2005

TIME FLIES..........

Manzee, its Thursday already. I am still trying to recover from last Friday's events. Going out on a Friday after work is not a plot. Kwanza, if you haven't done it for such a long time. Basically, I ended up having 27hrs of no rest or sleep. It was a good night though! And there is more to come..........*sign* :)

Peeps who jua me and read this will know what am on about.

Anyways, like they sema, "Time flies when you are having fun"!

Another thing, kwani Autumn will start lini? I am still walking around without a jacket in the middle of September. Temps. are still in their 20s. Kweli we have a 'Global Warming' problem on our hands.

On that note............this is to all tha peeps being affected by the weather in Otato, you are in my prayers. Sir G be with you!