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Mittwoch, November 09, 2005

WEEKEND - Part One

Mac Expo 2005 - London

I had a good time in this exhibition. Being my first in the UK (obviously I fikad 'Show' in Jamhuri) and I wanted to get first hand experience of networking in such an environment and test-drive the products bila shida.

Was disappointed tho', akina Dub na 7A didn't show their asses. Wacha I showed 'em the pics, which just semad '.........I wish you were here, you hatad......'!

Anywhoo, mingi things really impressed me. iadvertising, the games experience section - where a twelve year old was showing me the ropes...LOL, music production (was amazed how much work goes into producing a 3 min. track), animation, the new iNumark - yaani iDJ (down side is that you can't beatmix with this gadget, but great for your everyday function like weddings and birthday parties, etc), apples stand which had the new iMac (iSight - yaani webcam - installed), apple's software for Video Editing, Sound and Audio were on display as well, amongst other obvious apple products like the iPod Family. Adobe had a stand there as well and they had people showing you how the product works, the new features you probably didnt know about, etc. There were other stands/companies there as well, like BMW - showing off their new 1Series (got a test drive out of that), HP with their new mini photoprinters (good quality photos - printed one off my digicam) and industrial printers as well, Bose, Minolta, amongst others.

The expo helped me finalise my decision on one of the products on my wishlist and I really learnt alot of things.

Next one....bring on Fashion!

Weekend - Part Two (posting soon!)


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aaah, the show, good times...

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