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Samstag, Juli 23, 2005

Bitter Day .............. Better Beginning!

For three months my head had extensions and I decided to remove them to let my hair breath. I don't want to comb it out dry as my hair will break. So, I wash it with detangling shampoo and condition it to soften it for the combing process.

As tears trickle from my eyes, I realise that I won't have hair left on my head by the time am done. As it was breaking from where it had matted.

I take a deep breath and grab a pair of scissors and start snipping.........snip.......snip......snip........matted strand by matted strand. I have always wanted dreadlocks, but not like this. By now, my eyes are dry and I begin to enjoy myself as I know am cutting off my hair and giving myself a new look. A blessing in disguise maybe, seeing I had no money to buy the relaxer to do up my hair............! I can now clean my hair when I feel like. Be rained on without worrying about how much time I spent making my hair perfect.

At least I can say my weekend didn't go to waste.............I did something 'new' and well, exciting once I get used to my new look.


Blogger Jay said...

Do you know, the same EXACT thing happened to me!!! The same exact thing. So I commiserate kabisa!!

Unlike you however, I don't have the guts to cut my hair so I'ma have to be in cornrows until it grows back to a respectable level.

Or should I just cut it?

11:30 vorm.  

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