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Freitag, Juli 08, 2005

SABA SABA (UK Version)

The previous day, London gets the news that the will be hosting the Olympics in 2012. Then after the celebrations comes terror. London was a target and yesterday, 7th July 2005, it was targeted.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass my condolences to family, relatives and friends who were affected by this tragedy. To those who lost their lives - May You Rest in Peace!

To the terrorists, God is watching you, as this isn't an act of God.

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Blogger akiey said...

Very nice tribute Mocha & I too hope you & everyone you know's safe. You bet they need to remember it's not Godly no matter how hard they try to cheat the masses.
Peace be with you Mocha!

8:32 vorm.  
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