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Montag, April 03, 2006

My Wishlist - Reloaded for B-Day Purposes!

Unlike Aco who is hinting......I will make my 'demands' known for my B-Day. LOL!!!

My last wishlist.....only ONE item was accomplished. I tell a lie, TWO things were accomplished.......
  1. I got to spend Chrissy with my friends and when I called home my family and friends there too were kosher, unfortunately for one exception - Bel-jazz.
  2. I got my i-Mac, of which I am convinced by now the 'i' means internet. Most of the items I click on has a pop-up screen.....'you are not connected to the internet'.....LOL!
  3. Something else that was not on the list but got was this right here - am really enjoying it. Beats the junk I was using before. Battery life was crap. Good looking, but crap!

Now, for this year, I don't want much. Just the following:

  • VS Merchandise like undies, sexy sleepwear, swimwear & get the drift. Blue is the main colour here......reds, oranges, yellows and definately blacks are accepted. (Milo - here are more clues)
  • i-Pod - Engraved Mocha13
  • Hed Kandi compilations - the first ones.
  • Additions to my family
  • Last but not least, a KBW - UK Edition meet-up.

So, I have already put a countdowm clock on my blog! Keep it here, Keep it locked!


Anonymous Milo said...


Undies? I thot this was the year of going commando?

Ndiyo mzuri, free and convenient!!!

No wonder you are on the bilas train - LOLOLOLOL

*Milo off to search for VS stuff*

1:37 PM  
Blogger Kenyangal said...

Hi Mocha! That KBW hookup is a good thing to put on the wishlist. So who are the powers that be that will organise this KBW meetup.. please could it be set for the last week of April i.e 29th and 30th because I'm Off!! And please bring tall and handsome single kenyan men along. thanks :)

5:31 PM  
Blogger Acolyte said...

Ati you think that you have a wishlist?Ngoja I chomoa mine!As for VS I will buy in exchange for a viewing session!As for the you accept knock offs?That is all I can afford now!
@ Kenyangal
I can come and you can take a gander at me!But sorry I'm not available!ps:What about BritishS?

2:58 AM  
Blogger Mocha! said...

@milo....commando ni lazima. kwanza summer when i wear that ra-ra skirt! guess who will be jumping in the bleachers watching kenya in twickenham rugby stadium?

@kenyagal...i dunno who the powers are to organise this meet-up. it has to happen soon though.

@acolyte....ati you are issuing threats? sawa...chomoa your list we see. as for the viewing session approval so that the VS items can be purchased....let me think about it and i will get back to you. electronic knock-offs are not acceptable up in herre!

3:22 PM  

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