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Donnerstag, Dezember 15, 2005

Inventions - Reloaded!

Do they have something in the market to 'grease' your mgongo (back)?

The winter cold and a severly dry skin don't go together.....and when you start itching?!!! ARRGGHH, am not a happy bunny right now.

Bloggers....ebu saidia!

p.s. don't weka comments like having a shuma to do it for you.


Blogger Farmgal said...

just use vaseline, thats what Iuse during winter. Ithink it also helps to change your shower gel.
winter sucks big time!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

I wish i could help, never been through it.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Keguro said...

The Body Shop: Hemp products helped, a lot!

Good old Cocoa Butter never fails.

Jergens and Lubriderm do nothing for me; and Vaseline lotion also doesn't seem to work.

Moisturizing shower gel, of course.

Also, lukewarm, instead of hot water. Hot water washes away skin oils, and makes you colder.

Drink lots and lots and lots of liquid. Herbal and Fruit teas to replenish your skin. Coffee and kawaida tea dry you out.

If you can, make it to a sauna-or just sit in a steamy room-opens pores, lets your skin breathe, and actually helps prevent too much dryness.

Okay, I know way too much. (And I didn't even get into the use natural oils part, jojoba especially helps; stay away from tea-tree oil, dries you like no one's business.)

7:21 AM  
Blogger Mignon said...

hehehe...keguro, u sure do know a lot about this winter biz!

hey mocha, first time here, i like your blog :) personally, i use jergens ultra dry and mix it with vaseline petroleum jelly in the winter, keeps my skin from drying out within a few hrs. as for a "lotion applicator"...i'm yet to come across one, but if you do, please let me know! :)

5:18 PM  
Blogger Mocha! said...

Manzee thanks for the tips y'all!

The rest of my body is well taken care of and I have no problems (a lotion from Oteto called Kera does the business).....only on my back. That hard to reach area....unless you have a very flexible arm to reach it.

Like you would find a back brush to scrub your back in the about 'greasing' it?

Oh well, back to the drawing board!

Happy Holidays Y'all and thanks for touching base!

8:34 AM  
Blogger nick said...

ha ha ha kairitu please go watch KINKONG...the hairs on your back will stand and u will sweat enough sebum to last u thru winter!!!!!!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Mocha! said...

wewe nick....watched KINGKONG and no hairs stood up. lakini the movie was timam. ok..the bit where they were fighting the wriggly insects...eeewwww!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonym said... confused..what else is a shuma for??? Bwehehe..and while we are on the topic of severly dry skin, can I just let out a mini rant? Where does it say on vaseline or lip balm that it is excusively for women? Haki ya mama if one more dude comes on to me, sporting chapped lips im going to tear them off him…gentlemen if we want to kiss chapped, cracking skin we will holla at your feet, until then vaseline..tesco value cookign oil, kimbo heck even the oil off your face will do..tafadhali grease them lips up…

Now mocha my what I do when its shumaless season, buy dove super silk cream oil OR oil of olay triple moisturising shower/bath moisturises your skin enuff so u don’t need to apply lotion..theres another trick I have using baby makes skin very soft and silky but that’s another storo for another day…

Now id contribute on the King Kong bit but my pirate copy from niaja (nigeria) hasn’t fikad yet..

Ni mimi wako Tweetie

3:02 PM  
Blogger Mocha! said...

LOL.....tweetie! manzee a big kudos for touching base. I missed you and your tuu comments.

i have to agree about kissing a jamaa with chapped ... it aint a pretty site. and the lips nuka coz saliva is being used as a lubricant....eeewwwww!

anywhoo, i think i will go all posh and have a milk and honey bath as a treat this holiday season. a perfect excuse to indulge......innit?!?

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Tweetie said...

Wallapangaz Mocha,
Its good to touch base and say hey..and its kinda good to be back in this here virtual world..i see trolls have moved on up and are now trolling on peoples blogs (the person who called u a miserable sod) like really..are u bothered? do u look bothered? yeah, but are u bothered though? YOU AINT BOTHERED!!!! Bwehehehe…

(Ps – to the troll in question, don’t even think about getting into it with me..karucy is from my shags..nuff said..dont go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and lakes that you are used to..)

lol and eughh@ nuka..

Sasa whats this about milk and honey..wewe si tho milk and honey is a nice treat, howeverrrrrrr….if u are after extreme indulgence, kimbia to marks and spencers and buy this range (the name escapes me) it smells and looks like milk chocolate..ull smell good enuff to eat (tee hee..pun intended) comes in some nice looking containers too which u can re-use for oda stuff when its finished..

10:04 AM  

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