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Samstag, Dezember 03, 2005

Gallivanting around East London - What a Weekend! ....cont.

'Laters' later...........gosh, now I know the importance of writing about something when it has just happened, before the weeks activities become to much. I hope, my continuation of last weekend's shenanigangs make good reading.

Now, where was I......

Yes.....while we warmed up in fast food joint, two of our clique of around fifteen peeps decided to buy a bit to eat. It was at this time Shasha walks in after a long fone conversation out in the cold and shouts in funniest sheng ever of how the place smells of cockroaches. "Hii place inanuka mende, jo! Na mnanunua food hapa? Aki mtahara!"Ending his comment with a wicked laugh and adding how he will repeat it in the Queen's finest english so that the peeps in the fast food joint will understand way all of us were in fits of laughter. Never dare a drunk man on his B-Day, but luckily for us his fone rang. "Sasa ni nani huyu ananipigia simu in the middle of the night? Na ni private number! Wacha ni rudi kwa baridi!" Leaving us again laughing, coz we all knew who was on the other side of that fone call.

Anyway, it wasn't long before the place was closed for the night, so since I was being frozen from entering Afrique with a Du-Rag on, we decided to look for somewhere else to go for the night. I mean we had options like we had earlier in the night, Desire, Twilight and even Ministry of Sound. Anyway, some smart 'aleck' (won't mention who coz I jua they is reading this) suggested 19. A club that was once a 'hotspot', lakini after driving out there and seeing the entrance full of blokes and a mama in site was pure bliss (ok, so could be see, lakini they just looked as rough), we kinda thought once....not twice, about going in. So, those of us who didn't eat at the 'mende' joint bought food at a joint that was open close to 19 and drove back to Afrique.

By now it was like 3ish and when we fikad Afrique, we found a different bouncer at the door from the one who had froze me earlier. Just when I thought we will get in bila beef......who comes out red-eyed semaing am still not going in.......the shyte faced bouncer from before. Manzee....I was kinda vexxed that he still had it in for me. Anyway, after a few quick words by other peeps to the bouncer and I think the manager for the night, I ingiad the joint.

Yaani, up until this point, the whole night was full of bila mpango situations and drama at the door when we pata mpango. Anyway......we ended up having a good time. Until some other 'random' person decides to call me aside and ask me about stuff I wrote in a forum. Manzee, am out to have fun of what is left of the night.....not to be asked about some stuff I wrote about in some freeking forum.....eeeiiissshhh! Anyway, after a few monotone answers later, I return back to my friends and continued partying. Shasha got wet with booze after his message from the Dj was announced over the time, remember to beba a change of clothes, even a jumper. At the end of the night, a member of the nannoma family and K-Dip were battling it out with a wanna be 'fiddy'! You can all guess who go the most cheers.........and its not because we were the only peeps there (yah, we practically, kinda closed Afrique) LOL!

Just when you think the night is over, peeps still don't wanna go home. 6 in the kirokoz.....we head back to the first joint - Simpsons. We stay there till we had a bit to eat (why lie, that place makes some serious karanga nyake, even at 6 in the morning) and at around 8ish we decided to head back home. In winter, we actually broke the unwritten rule of, you leave home in the dark, you return in the dark.......tihihihihihi!

Pit stops later for ngata (petrol) and toilet breaks on the motorway, I was dropped diggz at 9ish in the morning and I was still buzzing from the evening's events. Anyway, made breakfast and had it with my housemates.......had a shower and that did it. I blacked out til late Sunday afternoon, when I had to wake up and go see Mr Mocha. Now, that it is a story for some other day....or maybe never!