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Donnerstag, Dezember 22, 2005

2005 - My Review

Manze, this year has been full of surprises,personal achivements and a few disappointments. Some things I have said and done, that I haven't been proud of, lakini as always life continues. I have made new friends and alot of enemies, but do I look bovvered!

Anywhoo, am looking forward to 2006 and I can feel good tings in the pipeline for moi!

I started my blog in
Feb. and am really enjoying the experience. Sharing my personal experiences with the world is a 'good' way of not bottling up. The comments help too! Thanks for y'all who have passed through. Keep doing so! As a KBW member, I have read some really cool blogs. I hope I get to see more of those next year.

I also managed to get in touch with peeps I haven't seen for more than 7years. Sites like
Hi5 and are a blessing and a curse too. This mami I juad in High School decided to locate me using the one to vent out the fact I aint buddies with her no more (long story involving a jamaa - upuzi tupu tuu!). Some people never seem to grow-up! Shhhheeeiiiissshhhh!

Disappointed though that I missed
Sevens - London Circute. I was really looking forward to it. Anywhoo, I saw most of the team before the game and that kinda compensated. So, will I go in 2006? I will just have to wait and see, since it is in June.

Made a whole new set of friends and I hope the friendships continues......MK peeps and in other areas (locally, internationally and virtually), akina K-Dip na pia
nannoma camp. New year, new projects! Keep it locked!

In a nutshell as you have read in my blog, 2005 has been an eventful year for me. I just thank God for everything.

For all the haters out there, you are being watched. Closely!

Well, I guess this is my last entry for 2005. Y'all have a lovely Christmas and a very Blessed New Year.

Your one and only delicious blogger,



Blogger Shiroh said...

Have fun girl, looking forward to 2006

8:58 vorm.  
Blogger Farmgal said...

have a hapy new year too!
God bless

6:24 nachm.  
Blogger Prousette said...

Happy New Year, all the best in 2006.

7:14 nachm.  

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