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Donnerstag, Oktober 27, 2005

The Bamboo Gig that 'didn't' Happen

October 22 2005 and the week prior to this date will be one of many I wont be forgetting in a hurry.

Bamboo, Kenya's multi-talented Rapper, was meant to have a gig in London. Word was going round ati dude wont fika on mate 7A, even hinted ati he wouldnt be surprised if he was a no show. Peeps were on 7A's case and mine as well..........especially this one ngomongo calling himself Big Daddy. Yaani, I dont jua which planet he landed from ama the dope he was smoking was made legal.........coz the amount of confident venom he was spewing prior to Friday/Sato was enough to make a toddler go down on its knees and pray for him.

Then came the unfortunate news of Poxi Pressure's passing away (R.I.P.) towards the end of that week and that is when the drama, fo' sho' started. Insider info and with confirmation from 'organisers', confirmed what was predicted earlier by 7A..........BAMBOO WAS A NO-SHOW! Who started flying a white flag? I will give you three guesses........hata hizo ni mingi.

Excuse after excuse followed coz most peeps were bila exact details.......lakini the mother of all excuses, which was even very shameful was when they used Poxi's death. How low can people go? Lakini why lie.....I had to vent out on this dude and others followed suit.

Anyway, come Sato evening, the show had to go on and peeps had a good time. Miss Kenya UK finalists were there and the Djs (Collo, Dubwise, Edu, Viagra, Shaheim,etc) did a superb job and everyone enjoyed to the max - click for pics. The keroro was flowing (cheap as chips) and the music was timam.

Big Daddy...................(shaking my head) when are we getting an apology from you!?!?

Hope peeps learn from this.........


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Anonymous acolyte said...

I dunno why Kenyan musicians start getting mingi ego when they go abroad to perform.They should realise that they would be nowhere bila the fans.They should at least apologise if they aren't coming!Oh well at least you had a good time!

1:50 AM  

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