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Dienstag, Juni 14, 2005

G8 & Making Poverty HISTORY!

I was watching Jonathan Ross' show on Friday the 10th, 2005 and one of his guests was Sir Bob Geldof.

The point he made of how the clearance of debt will help poor nations improve their way of life and made realise how this campaign was important to all involved was when he gave the following example;

"The G8 leaders have the power to make a change. If for example 50, 000 children die in Toronto, another in London, another 50,000 in Geneva......something would be done immediately. Why not the same for the poor nations?"

(Please note....this is not an exact quotation. Something similar!)

Coming from a poor nation filled with beautiful people......we should not only let the G8 leaders do something for us....we should make things happen as well. Changing our attitudes towards poverty and the stigma surrounding us, esp. when it comes to HIV & AIDS.

Make the right choice......if not for you, then for our children and our future generation.


Blogger Shiroh said...

But do you think they are sincere?

10:33 vorm.  
Blogger Mocha! said...

we will just have to wait and see....huh!?!

11:32 vorm.  

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