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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Dienstag, Mai 31, 2005



...a month when Spring ends and Summer begins.

...a month when a special someone celebrates her birthday.

...a month when the flowers are in full blossom.

...a month when the sound of the birds early in the morning brightens your day.

...a month to plant more seeds(back home).

...a month different in its own way.

May.........already over, making way for June and summer! Sorry to see it end, yet looking forward to what summer has to bring.

Y'all have a lovely summer!


Blogger Shiroh said...

Hi Mocha you sorry that May is gone, i don't think i am it has been quite boring. Learn some HTML i am told just basic to be able to link.
Cheers, i was already tagged, your Kenya blogs code is not yet up your site, email them your password, then they will upload it for you then you can change your password.

7:20 nachm.  

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