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Donnerstag, Mai 26, 2005

HE'ADI!!! never ceases to amaze me the amount of times i do 'air headbutts' on public transport. then you wake up looking like a lost fool. admit it folks, we have all do it at one point.

on this day on my way to work by train, after a few rounds (i think i will need a neck brace and hedex by the time am done), i wake up two stops before my stop. this is a kawa thing, lakini on this day i semad.......wacha i catch anada 'power-nap' before my stop.

Wacha i wake up i see stations zooming past that aint on my and behold, i had pitad my station and was heading for central London......


Blogger akiey5 said...

I hate that feeling & can relate...although we don't have much in the name of public transport in my state but that happened several times back in Kenya when I was juggling a day job & a field research project. Would be knocked out tired & twice woke up past my stage. Once jumped out several stages early,lol.

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