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Mittwoch, Mai 11, 2005


The only Frday the 13th this year and it happens to be my B-Day. How cool is that!

I know most people are very superstitious when it comes to the number 13 and esp. when it falls on a Friday, but for me, it a lucky day. Why you ask? I was born! And it falling on a Friday is extremely lucky and special to me (now where did I put my lotto numbers for this week). Coz I am Blessed and wonderfully made! and this year - 2005, is double special coz of my age (a lady never tells, so i wont mention how old i will be).

So, whatever you folks will be doing on this day, Have a Good One, coz I know I will.


Anonymous cLaNNk said...

Hey Mocha.
Nice blog. Make sure you spread that lottery win.


2:25 PM  
Anonymous tweetie said...

ati a lady never tells...wewe wacha zako we all know that u missus are no ladyee...well maybe the little britain ladyeee nice blog mocha, keep em comin..:)

11:44 AM  

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