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Freitag, Mai 27, 2005

FA CUP 2005!

ok ok ok.....calm down!!!

i know it is almost a week after the events of the FA Cup Final, but I needed time to calm down after losing to Arsenal.

Man U played their best game so far this season and ...................

............well i guess i need more time to get over the fact we lost. Here is an article from the Pulse Magazine - The Standard Kenya that puts the game into better perspective.

Gunners jack Man U — with a water gun…
By Maina Kageni

I know there are people who’ve waited for this article with more anticipation than perhaps Jesus Christ’s second coming. Some even told me to submit it on Saturday night after the FA Cup final! You know, there are three things I could never stomach – the thought of Uhuru winning in 2002 (coz Gi-dee would probably have been made Finance minister, ouch!) Secondly, Amos Wako’s silly grin (anyone for a nolle prosequi? Got a few left!) Lastly, Arsene Wenger lifting the fruit of other people’s labour.
From exactly 7.36 pm on Sato, my phone started ringing like you couldn’t believe. Drunken Gooners who had watched agonisingly as their team was torn to shreds for 120 minutes had suddenly found a voice. Even people I had presumed to be dead were tafuta-ing me!
The FA Cup final was anything but close. Forget Patrick Vieira’s nonsense, ati their mental strength, tenacity, blah, blah, blah put them through. Man U battered Arsenal like step-children. The officials gave the man-of-the-match award to Wayne Rooney but I beg to differ. While United went about the game in awe-inspiring swashbuckling style, there were only two Arsenal players who played their socks off on Saturday – Jens Lehmann (who surely must still be nursing the blisters on his hands!) and my nominee for man-of-the-match, Lady Luck. Did you see her there playing alongside Lehmann?
First of all, Rooney and Ronaldo terrorised the Gooners all afternoon. The ageing Roy Keane totally owned the midfield and Rio and Co. were excellent at the back. I only remember seeing Man U’s goalie Roy Carroll on telly twice in the second half. He had all the time to go to the loo and back! I’ve never seen Arsenal play so timidly before. They got their only shot on goal in the second half of extra time! Some Gooner had the cheek to send me a text message saying we were hammered 5-4! Obviously brightness doesn’t run in his family.
I had this nasty feeling as the prospect of a penalty shootout loomed. Roy Carroll had spent a lonely, rainy afternoon in goal for Man U while Lehmann literally worked every minute of the game. Then, of course, when you get as many chances as United did and don’t convert them, you somehow know they’ll come back to haunt you. I knew Lehmann would save at least one pena. My question was, would Carroll do the same? He didn’t and the stepchildren had the last laugh over their menacing step-mom. That’s a painful reality for Man U fans. But like Mwalimu King’ang’i says, hio inaitwa ngumi ya mtu muoga. If you don’t finish him off early, ata kugonga mahali sensitive akuuwe! In any case, taking ten penas and tossing a coin ten times, yields the same results.
To the Goon Squad, enjoy what doesn’t belong to you. But beware. League matches don’t go into penalties! To the Red Brigade, here are some stats to cheer you up:
Goal attempts – Man U 23, Arsenal 5
Shots on target – Man U 9, Arsenal 1
Corners – Man U 11, Arsenal 1
Who’s the better team? Enough said!


Blogger Shiroh said...

you have been tagged

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Dj Shaheim sed,
about man u ? u have lost the plot bana. hauoni kila mtu anawahepa? njoo tukufundishe concept ya kandanda mshi. na hati haujaskia k-dip family? kua serious na maisha. giggs Dj shaheim amuthrow mk? ur joking. in fact there was one last weekend n pictures will be out on holla bana.

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