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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Donnerstag, April 14, 2005


I woke up late this morning. One of the many mornings your alarm goes off and you switch it off to have a snooze (5 mins) only to jump up and look at the clock and you have snoozed for more than half an hour .................... AAARRGGHHHH! am going to miss my bus, shyte,shyte,shyte!!!

Did I just hear someone go into the bathroom........DAMN! now am well and truly late. And when I say late, I dont have my usual morning of waking up with an hour to prep. myself. Because of the snooze, I have reduced it to 15 mins and 10mins to sprint to the bus stop. 5mins in the bathroom (while am in there I think of what to wear), 5 mins getting dressed and the final 5mins preping my 'lunchbox'!

Luckily for me, the person in the bathroom only went for a toilet call. As soon as I hear they are out, am in there.

Fast forward to catching the bus, I just see it approaching. With the cold morning air burning my nostrils and making me tear like I was cutting onions, I bloody run for it. Just my luck the driver spots me and stops. Ohhh, hang on, there was someone at the bus stop already....PHEW! Just managed to catch it on time and out of breathe, I mutter to the driver, "Station,please!" I pay my fare, grab a sit and my journey to work and day has began.

Just have a feeling, it is going to be one of those days............................and that is another story all together.

Have a nice day!