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Why 'Mochalicious'? Because my life is full of bitter and sweet days. Here, you the reader will take a journey into my life.......daily experiences and encounters. Mum, if you read this.....I love you!

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Freitag, Februar 04, 2005


Mocha Day 1

Every time I commute to work, I have to come across someone reading Dan Brown's - Da Vinci Code. I have to admit, am also tempted to get me a copy (if I find one in the charity shops that is). So, what is all the fuss about this book? Other than it being a best seller?!?

Also, today as I put this post, Channel 4 (UK) will be showing a programme at around 2100hrs about 'the code'. Hopefully, I will be able to watch it and put some insights about it here.