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Dienstag, Februar 01, 2005


Bitter Day 1

Am sure most of you will relate to this and ask yourself the same question. Some of you will make judgements of one being simply good hearted or a very gullible person. Whatever you decide after reading this is up to you.........afterall, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Was in a rocky relationship for almost a year. When in the relationship, I was the one who earned the most. During this period, being in a relationship and not yet living together, when my 'partner' was in a bad way, short in rent, to buy food, etc., I would help - financially. But it was a condition that , when things got better for my 'partner', they would pay me back. It was something we discussed and came to an agreement. With time, the 'monies' increased in amount. I even suggested we forget what we talked about and I let it go, but no, my 'partner' insisted on paying up when ready. Something about not wanting to feel inferior in the relationship.

All in all, things started becoming shaking. Things werent looking up for my 'partner' and arguments/ cracks in the relationship started to form. Eventually, I called it a day and we went our separate ways. Before this though, my 'partner' signed a written confirmation that I was owed money and it would be paid as soon as.

Recently, I sent a message to my ex, giving plenty of time to prepare the beginning of payment of what was owed to me. I even suggested monthly payments until all 'monies' were paid. I dont know if i deserved all what I got after my remainder in the first month. Excuses after excuses, as to why I shouldnt be asking for my money and stop harrassing my ex. Afterall, am the one who broke up with my ex.

So, the question is, am I gullible into believing I may get my money again, or is it that my good gesture is being used as compensation for ending a relationship that was 'in the dog house' anyway?

We say we learn from our mistakes....................well, I hope I do learn from this one and not let 'love' blind me again when it comes to financial matters. Then again, I might as well look for a spouse who is financially stable and will give me money this time, but who am I kidding. MotherNature has a funny way of playing tricks on us, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.